AVI First-level Review Deadline Imminent – March 31


AVI First-Level Review – Filing Deadline March 31

If you feel your new property assessment is wrong, you have until March 31 to file a “first-level review” request with the City’s Office of Property Assessment. Because March 31 is a Sunday, OPA has said they will accept forms on April 1.

  • The form came in the mail with your new assessment. If you never received it or misplaced it, you can get the form by clicking here.
  • If your property is a commercial or multi-family residential property, click here.
  • If you don’t know what your new assessment is, you can find out by going to this site and entering your address: avicalculator.phila.gov

If you haven’t received your assessment in the mail, and there is no new assessment for your property online either, then you will have 30 days from when you receive it, to file a first-level review request.

For more information about the first-level review, go to the OPA help page by clicking here – or call 215-686-9200.