Bodine High Looking For Help With Garden Planting – Friday Nov 6

Bodine High Yard
From 8am to Noon at 1101 N 4th Street

Mural Arts, Bodine High & neighbors have been working hard
to address the issues with the schoolyard environment. 

Mural Arts hired a new gardener who has redesigned the garden and the School District has agreed to pay for the plants.
Even if it is just for an hour, Bodine really want the students to see that the neighbors are involved in this schoolyard project. The students that were involved in the project originally have all graduated so there is a need to re-engage the current student body.
Karen Thomas, the new Bodine HS Principal, has opened the schoolyard to the community (via the small gates on George St & Orianna St) and we are planning once/month garden meet ups during Saturday School (a program she started last year).  Principal Thomas seems very committed to the schoolyard functioning as an integrated resource for the neighborhood, and I am committed to working with her to make this happen.
Please RSVP to  to get a proper head count for tools and equipment.
There is a presentation planned for this Friday Morning, Oct 23,10:30, at Bodine in the 1st floor science room to go over the new garden plan.
Also, spring maintenance days have been scheduled for  April 9May 14, and June 11.
And finally, we have been talking about the need for signage on the fence surrounding the schoolyard that explains the project & the role/function of the garden.  We are collecting input on ideas for what that can say to help passersby have a greater understanding of the project.  Any ideas on this that any of you have to offer would be great.
Thanks for your time & attention,
Linda Conelly