Clean & Green Mon, 24 Jul 2017 21:19:56 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Help Us Turn Lemons Into Lemonade… Sat, 17 Jun 2017 17:05:53 +0000 On May 6th our beloved mural by Frank Hyder
and the Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia was destroyed by graffiti.  

This mural was done in 2009  by Frank and his students and since has become a great part of our neighborhood.  Located on the north side of Bell Floor Covering at 1050 North 2nd street in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia, the mural has added to the quality of life in the neighborhood and is a colorful backdrop that has brought a splash of color on even the dreariest of days.  

We have always been grateful for the culture, awareness, education and beauty that this program has brought to our city, so we think it would be awesome to hand a check over to them,  from funds raised by a grateful community to help keep our city beautiful.

Please click here to contribute. Any amount helps.


How To Stop Circular & Handbill Deliveries Wed, 22 Mar 2017 17:13:34 +0000 Circulars and handbills can be a neighborhood nuisance. It’s illegal for vendors to put them in residents’ mailboxes. So, instead, they get shoehorned into doors and railings, causing litter on our streets.

What You Can Do

The good news is you can sign up to for a non-delivery list to prevent them from being delivered to your door. The Department of Licenses and Inspections maintains a commercial handbill Non-Delivery list identifying all properties whose owners who request it. If you do not want to receive hand-delivered advertising circulars or handbills, you can fill out this form.

To request non-delivery for local newspapers, complete the form, and provide a list of the local newspapers you do not want to receive.

Form Info

How to Submit

First of all, you need to be the homeowner lessee/agent to fill out the form.

Once you fill out the form, you can mail it to:

Department of Licenses and Inspections
Circular Free Property Coordinator
1401 JFK Boulevard, Suite 1180
Philadelphia, PA 19102

You could also fax it to (215) 686-1443 or email it to
(Note: The fax number on the form is wrong. Use the one provided above.)

At the bottom of the form you can choose between two authorization options. According to this site, if you choose not to grant this authorization, the company will only receive a warning. Your authorization to share your address is required in order for the company to be fined. (see yellow highlight in image below.)


Circular Non-Delivery Decal Order Form Philadelphia

Posting Your Decal

Owners of registered properties will receive a “Circular Free Property” decal. When you receive yours, you need to post it somewhere visible from the sidewalk.

Reporting a Violation

View or download instructions here.

Special thanks to

Recycle Bins With Lids Available at the Community Center – Suspended Until Yard Construction Project Is Completed Thu, 15 Sep 2016 04:00:52 +0000 Recycle Bin w Lid

We’ll let you know when we have more bins as soon as we get them…

The City no longer offers free recycle bins through the NoLibs Community Center.

The small bins formerly provided by The City are just too small. Wind-blown litter from these over-stuffed containers can be seen around the neighborhood after trash pickup most weeks.

So we asked Home Depot to help us out — and they did!

The NLNA has purchased another 100 at-cost bins with lids to distribute to the neighborhood.

They’re BIGGER, BETTER and have A LID! Stop in the Community Center (700 N 3rd St), and pick one up for a $15 donation.
Hours are Mon – Fri 10am to 1pm and Wed 6 to 9pm — NLNA Community Center, 700 N. 3rd Street

Using these containers makes a difference in the amount of litter in the neighborhood.

To offset the costs and allow for the program to be self-sustaining, the NLNA asks for a small donation of $15 per bin.

What Goes in your Recycle Bin?

Recyclables needs to be rinsed free of food residue. This is because the oily residues in food interfere with the sorting machines used to separate the items.

The following is a list of acceptable material:

  • Paper — newspaper, cardboard, junk-mail, circulars, stapled or not, pizza box halves (tear away the oily half of the box)
  • Plastic (Nos. 1 through 7 *) — Rinsed milk cartons, juice containers, cleaning supply containers, lids
  • Metal — Rinsed cans, clean aluminum foil
  • Glass — Rinsed containers of any color
  • Rinsed Waxed Containers —  milk cartons, juice boxes
  • Old Cans of Acrylic Paint — Allow the paint to dry completely first.

Plastics are graded by number which can be found embossed on its bottom surface. The number is set inside the universal recycle symbol.  Plastics 1-7 can be recycled.


plastic bags


What Does Not Go In Curbside Pick-Up?

  • Plastic Bags
  • Household Hazardous Waste — like old paint cans
  • Styrofoam
  • Waxed Paper or Cups
  • Wet or food-soiled paper
  • Paper Tissues, Towels, or Napkins
  • Porcelain & Non-Container Glass
  • Light Bulbs or Tapes (VHS or Audio)
  • Electronics
  • Needles or Syringes

How do I recycle plastic bags?

  • You can bring your bags back to many area supermarkets. But a better solution is not use plastic bags in the first place – use reusable bags instead.

How do I recycle household hazardous waste?

How do I recycle Styrofoam?

  • Styrofoam is collected along with household hazardous waste.
  • Click HERE for city-wide collection schedules.
  • Styrofoam Peanuts can be recycled at the Northern Liberties Mailbox Store
    at 3rd & Fairmount.


Free Bins (Sometimes) Available at these locations (CALL FIRST!):

Northwest Drop-Off Center
Domino Lane & Umbria Street
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Phone: 215-685-2501, ext. 02

Northeast Drop-Off Center
State Road & Ashburner Street
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Phone: 215-685-8072, ext. 73

Southwest Drop-Off Center
3033 South 63rd Street (near Passyunk Avenue)
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Phone: 215-685-4290, ext. 01

Circular Free Stickers Available at the Community Center

If you want to cut down on litter created by all those rain-soaked circulars you see lying around, click on the No Circular sticker below…

No Circular sticker OL


Notes from the 2017 Winter Quality of Life Meeting Thu, 23 Feb 2017 15:00:48 +0000 By Janet Finegar — February 21, 2017

We began by making a list of as many problems/sources of trash on the street as possible. [This list, with a lot of more details about all of the below, will be sent to everyone who attended the meeting or expressed an interest in getting information, and will also be posted on Facebook as a document sometime later today. If you’re interested in getting more information, send a message to Lara at]

The list of problems inevitably led to some suggestions of small-scale solutions. We quickly reviewed the various actions that the City of Philadelphia and the NLNA are already taking to combat trash on the street and discussed some of the difficulties, limitations, and roadblocks to those efforts.

There was a general agreement to the assertion that our community needs to take local action in addition to what’s already in place to make a real difference. A few ideas were floated as ways that community members can help with a variety of skills:

  • EVERYONE: use the City’s 311 reporting system for problems, and then tell Lara about the report and ticket number so she can track and follow up ( 311 can help with all kinds of issues – even things like repeat-offender neighbors putting out trash wrong.
  • ANYONE: join the Quality Of Life committee to keep helping with ongoing issues (especially with city-based issues like getting more/better street trash cans or to build resources/connections within the neighborhood). Let Lara know at that you want to be a part!
  • GRAPHICS SKILLS: help create fliers/brochures/signs/education for the community
  • ANYONE: Start hyper-local organizing on your own block – reach out to neighbors to solve problems right there, organize a block cleanup for the citywide clean up day (4/8) or any other day (NLNA has tools/resources), start a Facebook group/listserv for your block, and keep the NLNA in the loop about what you’re doing.
  • DATA SKILLS: Help create a database for Northern Liberties that could record all kinds of block-by-block information (street can locations, problem areas, vacant lots, street trees, parking issues. . . everything)
    1. Once that database exists, many volunteers needed to do data input for their own block
    2. Plus ongoing maintenance of the database once it exists
  • SOCIAL SKILLS: Help develop, plan, and implement a community-wide direct outreach program to reach every door in the community with Quality of Life information, NLNA information, and a small gift.

That’s the very broad outline. I’m about to work on the detailed description of all this, but the main point is that what we need most of all right now is community commitment to enforcing a set of standards that we all live by – effective complaining, if you will.

A lot of questions and a lot of thornier issues remain – many of them centered around what to do when these kinds of friendly outreach don’t work. Those are the conversations going forward and are things for us all to think about. Many many more ideas are welcome!

Orkney Park Summer Solstice Fundraiser – Wed, June 21 Sat, 17 Jun 2017 17:37:08 +0000 Help rescue
Northern Liberties’
last unsecured
green space!
6pm at 871 Orkney Street
(Enter at the Lawrence Street Playground next to 852 N Lawrence Street)
Rain Date: June 28th
Join us for a lovely evening with neighbors and friends in support
of the Orkney Park Project and to celebrate the first day of summer!
Enjoy live music, delicious refreshments and appetizers generously donated
and sponsored by local restaurants, bars and businesses
RSVP not required but appreciated: email
or check in via our Facebook Page for the event.
$20-40 suggested donation.
Kids and dogs attend for free.
Additional donations are very welcome!
Get your tickets in advance here:
All proceeds benefit Friends of Orkney Park Inc,
a 501(c)(3) dedicated to preserving this last wilderness
of Northern Liberties.

Thanks in advance to:
North Bowl and Oron Daskal
Saint Benjamin Brewing Company
Urban Village Brewing Company
Callahan Ward Companies
ACME Markets
Little Baby’s Ice Cream
Majestic Wine & Spirits USA, LLC.
Vinedrea Wines
N. 3rd Restaurant
The Blind Pig
Moore Brothers Wine Company
Spuntino of Philly
Standard Tap
The Kettle Black

… and more generous businesses being added!
About the Orkney Park Project:
Orkney Park is Northern Liberties’ last true wilderness! The project consists of community members coming together with the common goal of preserving this neighborhood gem. Orkney Park is a wild life habitat, a bird sanctuary, a nature preserve, a gathering place for friends and family, and so much more!
Follow us on Instagram: @orkneyparkproject
Free Street Trees – Apply by May 1 Wed, 15 Mar 2017 00:28:50 +0000

Free Street Trees available for your Northern Liberties Home or Business!  

Property Owner’s Requests for November 2017 planting are due Monday, May 1.

Tell your friends and neighbors! Trees clean our air, reduce home energy costs, increase home values, and beautify the neighborhood. 

To request a free street tree for your property, please read the site criteria on the Application Form carefully.  If your property qualifies, print out the application, complete it, have the property owner sign it, and deliver the form to the NLNA Office, 700 N. 3rd Street, 19123 by Monday, April 25.  (There’s a mail slot in the Fairmount Ave. side door.)

Questions? Please email Erika at

Neighborhood volunteers will plant your tree in November. 



Sign Up Now – Citywide Cleanup – Sat, April 8 Wed, 08 Mar 2017 17:56:46 +0000 Saturday April 8 is the 10th Annual City of Philadelphia’s Spring Cleanup – Sign up now to clean up your block!

Registration is easy at this City web page.

NOTE: We’re asking everyone to name their cleanup event starting with “NLNA” so others will easily be able to find it in the online listing.

For example: “NLNA – 800 block N. 5th St Cleanup.”

You can request free tools and supplies – and then your friends and neighbors can sign up for your event at the same web page.

Have questions or need help? Contact NLNA Quality of Life Coordinator Lara Kelly, or call the NLNA office at 215-627-6562.

2017 TreeCycling Schedule – Starts Sun, Jan 1 / Ends Sun, Jan 15 Wed, 30 Nov 2016 21:33:04 +0000 treecycling-2Christmas TreeCycling from January 1 through 15 at Orianna Hill Park!

Sunday, Jan 1 — Naked, De-tinsled, De-balled Christmas Trees will be accepted for drop-off in the picnic area of Orianna Hill Park at Poplar & Orianna Streets.

Folks can drop off at any time.

Saturday, Jan 7 — Trees will be chipped at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm! Bring the kids!

During chipping hours, we could use people to take donations and pull trees to the chipper. To volunteer email

Also, due to chipping noise and tree-prunning, the Dog Park will be closed that day.

Jan 8 to 15 — Trees will continue to be accepted for drop-off
at Orianna Hill Park picnic area.

Please make a donation to Orianna Hill Park or Liberty Lands
 to help fund these efforts!

Thanks for your help in reusing our trees!
Friends of Orianna Hill Park


Spring Garden Underpass Lights Are On! Tue, 20 Dec 2016 07:43:54 +0000

…and then there was light!

As of Dec 20, 2016 the Delaware River Waterfront Corp. has finally turned on the new lighting installation at the I-95/El underpass at 2nd and Spring Garden.
Congratulations to all who persisted in the struggle to get this dun!
Weeder’s Club Meets Again (and again) on Saturday Mornings at Liberty Lands… Thu, 15 Sep 2016 05:30:53 +0000  

Weeders Club AD

Every Saturday morning from 9m to 11-ish

Tools, Gloves, Instruction, Gossip included! All are welcome, bring the kids!

There will be coffee!

Liberty Lands is your park,
owned and maintained by our neighborhood.
Any time spent helping to clean up
the park is welcome.

Meet-up is at the table in the shade of the kids playground.

Teens can earn Community Service Points!



Philadephia Circular-Free Program Wed, 18 May 2016 07:00:01 +0000  

No Circular sticker OLProperty owners in Philly that are tired of having take-out menus and ad circulars jammed into their door frames and mailboxes now have a way to stop the problem at the source!

NLNA has purchased Circular-Free Stickers, and is offering them for a donation of $1. Stop by the Community Center (700 N. 3rd Street from 10am and 1pm (6 pm to 9pm on Wednesday nights) to pick one up. There’s a short form that you need to fill out and sign that registers your house with L&I’s commercial handbill Non-Delivery list.

They actually make a difference! Vendors can be fined by L&I if they continue to deliver circulars to your door.

Here is how to to report illegal circular deliveries once you’ve applied a sticker to your door sand registered with the City:

  1. Collect the circulars and send them to the address below.
  2. Please be sure to indicate the date and time you received the material along with your address, on whatever you send. It is also very important that you make sure whatever you send, clearly shows the name and address of the business or phone number.
  3. Please do not hold onto your circulars, flyers, etc. longer than 4 weeks. They will not be processed if they are received after this date.
  4. Regarding coupon bags with store circulars inside – please do not send the contents of the bag – it is only necessary to send the bag itself. If you are able to fax or email a picture of the bag, please be sure to include the portion of the bag where it reads “Redplum”.
  5. If there is additional information you would like to inform the City of related to the delivery of the specific unwanted material, please write a short note and include it with your mailing, email or fax.
Via regular mail:
Department of Licenses and Inspections
Circular Free Property Coordinator
1401 JFK Boulevard, Suite 1180
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Via Fax: 215.686.1443


Bodine Schoolyard Garden Workday – Sat, June 25 Sat, 14 May 2016 06:00:11 +0000 Bodine School Yard










Saturday: June 25 from 8 to 10am

Join Bodine staff & students, the Mural Arts Program & nearby neighbors as we work to restore & reimagine the space behind Bodine High School at 4th & George Sts.

The schoolyard is now accessible to neighbors for enjoyment & recreation (it’s a great place for kids to ride bikes!), and the garden has been re-designed to meet the needs of both the school & the surrounding community.


Come out to learn more about the project & lend a hand as we plant spring & summer annuals & perennials.  Share your ideas of how the schoolyard can live up to it’s potential as a vital community space.

Direct questions & comments to Linda Soffer: or (215) 908-9035.

Request a Free Tree for your NoLibs Home or Business – Deadline April 25 Tue, 10 Nov 2015 05:00:30 +0000 Tree Planting - illusRequest a Free Street Tree for your Northern Liberties Home or Business! 

Property Owner’s Requests for November 2016 planting are now being accepted, and are due Monday, April 25.
Trees clean our air, reduce home energy costs, increase home values, and beautify the neighborhood. 
To request a free street tree for your property, please read the site criteria on the attached form carefully.  If your property qualifies, print out the application, complete it, have the property owner sign it, and deliver the form to the NLNA Office, 700 N. 3rd Street, 19123 by Monday, April 25.
There’s a mail slot in the Fairmount Ave. side door.

Download the Form HERE.

Liberty Lands Big Spring Workday – Sat, April 16 Sun, 08 Nov 2015 07:00:48 +0000 LibLands PathStarting at 9am

HEADS UP all you lovers of Liberty Lands!

Come one, come all!!!
Come help your neighborhood park sparkle!!!
Starts at 9am, runs until about 2pm,
depending on the weather.
Come out and help your urban greenspace stay awesome!
Come out and get reconnected with your park community!
Lots of projects and tasks to grow food for City Harvest.
Coffee and donuts in the morning and pizza at lunchtime!
Mark Your Calendars Now and Plan To Attend!!!


NLArts Big Belly Beautification Project… Thu, 29 Oct 2015 04:00:47 +0000 NLArts Big BelliesOne person’s trash is another one’s canvas!

Trash cans in North­ern Liber­ties are look­ing a whole lot bright­er thanks to
chil­dren at NLArts.

NLArts, a youth-in­spired com­munity art group centered in North­ern Liber­ties, re­cently com­pleted its trash­can re­design pro­ject.

Chil­dren ages five to 15 con­trib­uted sketches that were ap­plied to the Big­Belly trash cans throughout the com­munity.

The pro­ject ad­ded not only an aes­thet­ic value to the sol­ar-powered trash com­pact­ors, but also helped foster artist­ic growth and com­munity in­volve­ment in the youth.

“NLArts is really de­signed to help bridge the spir­it of the com­munity and art to the kids,” said Monika Kreidie, one of the found­ing mem­bers and cur­rent sec­ret­ary of NLArts.

Foun­ded in 2003, NLArts was es­tab­lished by a group of moth­ers in the neigh­bor­hood who were con­cerned about their chil­dren’s edu­ca­tion­al pro­spects. After get­ting over 100 fam­il­ies in­volved, the group was well on its way to start­ing its own arts-centered charter school.

In the end, due to dis­crep­an­cies between the group and the School Re­form Com­mis­sion, the school nev­er came to fruition.

In 2006, while the idea of the charter school had dis­solved, the group real­ized that they still had money from the state and more im­port­antly, a lot of en­thu­si­asm.

“We thought, ‘what do we do? Let’s just turn this neg­at­ive in­to a pos­it­ive,’ ” Kreidie said. “ ‘Let’s do what we wanted to do in work­shops in a com­munity arts pro­gram.’ ”

The group began util­iz­ing the North­ern Liber­ties Com­munity Cen­ter, 700 N. Third St., to provide the youth with a much-needed artist­ic ex­per­i­ence.

“The cre­at­ive spir­it that art teaches the kids could be used in any­thing that you do,” Kreidie said. “It’s about think­ing out­side the box

The idea for the trash can re­design pro­ject star­ted brew­ing about five years ago when Kreidie and fel­low neigh­bors found in­spir­a­tion in the funky, artist­ic trash cans that line South Street.

With Robert Wood­word, the artist who com­pleted the afore­men­tioned pro­ject, be­ing an ac­quaint­ance of Kreidie and his own child be­ing part of NLArts, Kreidie saw the per­fect op­por­tun­ity to be­gin de­vel­op­ing the pro­ject.

In or­der to fund the pro­ject, NLArts turned to the Penn Treaty Spe­cial Ser­vices Dis­trict (PTSSD).

In 2013, NLArts was awar­ded a $12,000 grant to com­plete the pro­ject, ac­cord­ing to Kat­rina Mans­field, ad­min­is­trat­ive sec­ret­ary of PTSSD.

“Art is a really im­port­ant av­en­ue for kids and by pair­ing it with the idea of civic re­spons­ib­il­ity, it’s just a great thing to teach kids,” said Rick An­geli, chair­man of the board at PTSSD and long-time North­ern Liber­ties res­id­ent.

After eval­u­at­ing the be­ne­fits of the pro­ject and its value to the com­munity, PTSSD de­cided to award NLArts the grant for both its beau­ti­fic­a­tion po­ten­tial and its im­pact on the com­munity and its youth.

“I just think it’s a slam dunk,” An­geli said. “It’s a really pos­it­ive pro­ject for every­body in­volved.”

The pro­ject lost mo­mentum when lead artist Wood­ward was pulled in an­oth­er dir­ec­tion, leav­ing him un­able to com­plete the pro­ject.

For­tu­nately, Kreidie found loc­al artists Jared Gru­en­wald and Nata­sha Mell-Taylor to pick up where the pro­ject left off. The two artists ad­ded dir­ec­tion to the pro­ject that would even­tu­ally guide it to com­ple­tion.

“We wanted it to be about the idea of col­lab­or­a­tion, but to think about it in a dif­fer­ent con­text.” said Mell-Taylor, Mas­sachu­setts Col­lege of Art and Design gradu­ate and cur­rent Port Rich­mond res­id­ent. “We wanted to ex­pand the kids’ minds with that idea.”

After lead­ing a few more NLArts work­shops and ask­ing kids to sub­mit draw­ings of things that in­spired them in nature, paint  pic­tures of how they saw them­selves as su­per­her­oes, and in­cor­por­ate ab­stract visu­als, the pro­ject was back on its feet again.

Each design also in­cludes a “hid­den” trash can.

“Com­munity based or­gan­iz­a­tions like NLArts are really where my heart is and it’s the col­lab­or­a­tion that makes them,” Nell-Taylor said. “It’s really im­port­ant to bring dif­fer­ent types of people to­geth­er and for stu­dents to see this hap­pen.”

The two then began to take the art­work of about 40 and 50 kids and lay­er it so that each trash can would weave mul­tiple draw­ings to­geth­er to tell a story.

Once the art was com­pleted, it made its way to Col­or Re­flec­tions, 475 N. Fifth St., to be prin­ted to scale.

“The whole heart of North­ern Liber­ties, his­tor­ic­ally, is bolstered through artists,” said Eric Ber­ger, founder and pres­id­ent of Col­or Re­flec­tions and a pre­vi­ous long-time res­id­ent of North­ern Liber­ties.

Foun­ded in 1989, Col­or Re­flec­tions is a North­ern Liber­ties-based, fam­ily run print­ing com­pany that pro­duces graph­ics for everything from ban­ners in cen­ter city to the big im­ages that are ap­plied to busses and planes.

Once the im­ages were prin­ted, lam­in­ated, and cut to size, they were ap­plied to the Big­Belly trash cans around the neigh­bor­hood. For some, that means see­ing their art on a daily basis.

“I al­ways liked do­ing art, but I wasn’t ne­ces­sar­ily the best artist,” said Ju­lia Tracht­man, sixth grader at Frank­ford Friends School who has been in­volved in NLArts for about five years.

“Over­all the pro­ject was really fun,” Tracht­man said. “I liked put­ting my designs on something.”

While the stu­dents in­volved may say the pro­grams and work­shops at NLArts a pure form of fun, there are lar­ger forces at work for the lead­er­ship of the or­gan­iz­a­tion.

In light of the lack of fund­ing for the arts at pub­lic schools, the pro­grams offered through NLArts are all the more im­port­ant to provide an av­en­ue for the youth to learn skills crit­ic­al to all as­pects of life.

“It’s a try­ing time,” Kreidie said. “My philo­sophy is, ‘Can you ever have too much art?’ I don’t think so.”

To learn more about NLArts, vis­it

Con­tact Star at

Treecycling – Sat, Jan 9 at Orianna Dog Park Thu, 15 Oct 2015 05:00:46 +0000  

Xmass Tree Color

Planning a New Year’s Resolution
of greener living? Treecycling 2016
is just around the corner…

Saturday, January 9th at Orianna Dog Park’s 3rd Street entrance (across from Liberty Lands) from 10am to 4pm

Volunteer at the neighborhood’s best smelling event by replying to

$5 donations encouraged to help offset expenses.
(Thank You!)


Please: No early drop-offs, no lights, no ornaments, NO TINSEL. (Thank You!)



NoLibs Tree Planting – Sat, Nov 14 – THANK YOU! Tue, 06 Oct 2015 07:00:15 +0000 Street Trees Planting
THANK YOU to everyone who participated in yesterday’s tree planting!
Thanks to each of you, we have 11 new trees in our neighborhood and it wouldn’t have happened without your contributions to the effort. It was really fun and I enjoyed meeting so many new neighbors.
Special thanks to our trained tree tenders for leading the planting teams: Natalee, Kevin, Justin, and Steve. Thanks are also due to Rustica  for generously donating the pizza, Liz Reed for providing the kale soup, and the NLNA for funding the Squash soup and beer.
And now, one of you can become a tree tender for free: 
Our planting group received a Golden Ticket from PHS, offering one free PHS Tree Tenders course. If you would like to take the course for free, please let me know (, and I’ll send along more details. The first to reply will have first crack at the opportunity. The course will take place over two Saturdays in January (23 and 30) from 8:30-1:00.  Training offers hands-on tree care training for residents of the 5 county Philadelphia region and covers tree biology, identification, proper planting instructions, proper care, and working with your community.
New tree stewards:
Please be sure to follow the care instructions you received and if you have any questions, concerns, comments, anything to do with your tree, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I am your neighborhood contact re: your tree. Below are additional (some repeated) details on caring for your new tree(s).
You can give your young tree the best start by giving it 20 gallons of water a week until the ground freezes and again in late February, when ground thaws.  This needs to be done for two years.  Watering should be all on the same day at a slow trickle.  No need to buy a fancy gator bag, unless you want to.  You can simply punch a few nail holes in a construction bucket, place it on the tree pit, and fill it 4 times over a several hour period.  It’s a good idea to move the bucket around in the pit to get all sides watered.  Then the water will go deep down into the ground which will help the roots of your tree grow down instead of horizontally.
Trees will need mulching in the spring to help keep their soil shaded and moist.  Be sure to use UNTREATED mulch and leave a 3 inch ring around your tree’s root flare without any mulch.  The root flare is where the trunk meets the root system.  The bark above the root flare is not intended to stay wet (the cells are actually different!)  The trunk bark needs AIR to breath and if kept moist, the tree can become diseased and rotted and is likely to die or fall over in a strong storm.  You can obtain up to 30 gallons (again those construction buckets come in handy) of FREE mulch from the Fairmount Park Recycling Center.  Details on directions and how to pick up the mulch here:
Weeds and perennial plants compete for water and nutrients in your tree’s pit.  Keep the pit weeded and in the spring only plant annuals (plants that won’t come back the following year)  Annuals, like marigolds, snapdragons, and basil to name a few, also serve as a reminder to water.  When they start to wilt, your tree needs a drink!  Another benefit to planting (only annuals) is to deter folks from letting dogs pee on tree pits.  I am of the hopeful opinion that folks are less likely to let their dogs  pee on flowers.  Dog urine is stressful to young, growing trees.  If you are a dog owner, please spread the word!
Mark your calendars to remove the ties in Spring 2017. By then your tree’s roots will be well established. It is a good idea to leave the stakes for a while longer to help protect the trees from car doors, trash cans, etc.
Again, thank you all for your participation.  I look forward to planting with you again. 
Warmly, Erika

From 9am to 12 noon

We’re planting trees in Northern Liberties and need your help! 

Rain or shine.
Meet at 1024 N. 4th Street at 9:00 am. There’s something for everyone to do!
• Join a planting team – Even if you can’t dig, you can cut string off the trees and help ensure they are planted straight
• Transport volunteers and trees – We need 1 volunteer with a truck/van/hatch back/station wagon/SUV to help deliver trees & tools to planting sites.
• Contribute refreshments for volunteers – Something hot is always appreciated after a planting!
• High school teens (w/parent’s written permission) and college students needing community service are welcome!
We’ll wrap up at Liberty Lands to join our Love Your Park volunteers for more outdoor fun and lunch. Tell your friends and neighbors,
To confirm, please e-mail Erika at (it helps us plan the planting teams)
Bring water to drink (preferably in a reusable bottle), everything else needed to plant will be provided.
Thank you for helping make Northern Liberties greener!
Erika Goldberg
Northern Liberties Tree Tender Coordinator

Love Your Park Day (Fall Edition) – Sat, Nov 14 – Come Out And Do your Part! Mon, 05 Oct 2015 05:00:23 +0000 9am-2pm at Liberty Lands

Ilse at w shovel

To everyone who loves Liberty Lands: The final Work Day for the year is this Saturday!

It’s our last pre-winter push to sprinkle love and happiness all over the urban greenspace we all really, truly appreciate!
Feel free to spend whatever time you can – an hour, two hours, or the entire day. It’s always fun and never dull. Park volunteers will be out there all day, so please stop by anytime and lend a hand. We need YOU!
We have lots of projects in the making, including a fun creative kid activity — a Jackson-Pollock-like art-making experience involving two currently sad-looking cylindrical trash cans (perhaps you know the ones?).
All supplies will be provided. Come make an enduring, functional, and artful impact on Liberty Lands!

Bodine High Looking For Help With Garden Planting – Friday Nov 6 Sat, 08 Aug 2015 10:00:05 +0000
Bodine High Yard
From 8am to Noon at 1101 N 4th Street

Mural Arts, Bodine High & neighbors have been working hard
to address the issues with the schoolyard environment. 

Mural Arts hired a new gardener who has redesigned the garden and the School District has agreed to pay for the plants.
Even if it is just for an hour, Bodine really want the students to see that the neighbors are involved in this schoolyard project. The students that were involved in the project originally have all graduated so there is a need to re-engage the current student body.
Karen Thomas, the new Bodine HS Principal, has opened the schoolyard to the community (via the small gates on George St & Orianna St) and we are planning once/month garden meet ups during Saturday School (a program she started last year).  Principal Thomas seems very committed to the schoolyard functioning as an integrated resource for the neighborhood, and I am committed to working with her to make this happen.
Please RSVP to  to get a proper head count for tools and equipment.
There is a presentation planned for this Friday Morning, Oct 23,10:30, at Bodine in the 1st floor science room to go over the new garden plan.
Also, spring maintenance days have been scheduled for  April 9May 14, and June 11.
And finally, we have been talking about the need for signage on the fence surrounding the schoolyard that explains the project & the role/function of the garden.  We are collecting input on ideas for what that can say to help passersby have a greater understanding of the project.  Any ideas on this that any of you have to offer would be great.
Thanks for your time & attention,
Linda Conelly
Don’t Forget: Weeders’ Club at Liberty Lands Every Saturday Morning! Fri, 26 Jun 2015 05:00:15 +0000  

From 9am to about 11ish – KIDS WELCOME! – There will be Coffee!

Come out and get dirty with the Weeders’ Club diehards every Saturday from 9-11ish. Tools and gloves provided.


Liberty Lands is your park, owned and maintained by our neighborhood. Any time spent helping to clean up the park is welcome and necessary!

Volunteering teaches kids self- respect.

They learn to see the world in a larger sense of their immediate surroundings, and not to tolerate its decay.