Community Center Mon, 24 Jul 2017 21:19:56 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Music Monkey Jungle – Mondays & Thursdays – 10am at the Community Center Mon, 29 Aug 2016 05:00:35 +0000 Babies! Toddlers! Little Monkeys!
Monkey Jungle

Music Monkey Jungle – 10:00 to 10:30am

Mondays — Whether we’re performing Music Monkey Jungle Drummers or The Music Monkey Jungle Sing Along, we know you’ll have a rockin’ good time! To know exactly what’s performed, please visit our Facebook page.
Thursdays —The Music Monkey Jungle Jam is a 30 minute interactive performance for music monkeys who love to rock, roll, move, groove, bounce, bop and jam. Children and adults will have a rockin’ good time through the presentation of Music Monkey Jungle original songs, dances and games, with the added greatness of drums and mini maracas. The MMJ Jam is best suited for children between the ages of 5 months to 5 years.
$10 per child
The Music Monkey Jungle Member Card is available for purchase at The Children’s Boutique, Momo’s Treehouse or Primp & Play and will be accepted in all 6 MMJ performance locations.
$85 for 10 performances, no expiration and a Music Monkey Jungle CD.
For more information, please call Lori at 732.687.8134
or write to

Philly InMovement Hosting Tumbling & Gymnastics Classes at the Community Center on Tuesdays – Extended Hours… Mon, 19 Sep 2016 05:00:59 +0000 On Hiatus Until September…
9:30 & 10:30 — Lil’ Tumblers, a parent-child class for 1.5 – 3 year olds
11:30 & 2:00 — Mini Rollers & Short Wheelers, a drop off class for 3 – 5 year olds
3:30 & 4:30 — Intro to Gymnastics (K-6th Grade), a beginners gymnastics class
for school aged children
Visit our website at for more information and to enroll today!

Adult Figure Drawing at the Community Center Fri, 14 Oct 2016 05:00:46 +0000 IMG_7173 small

We  will be on hiatus
until September…

From 6:30 to 9:30 adult figure drawing sessions
will be held on most Thursday nights at the
NLNA Community Center (700 N. 3rd Street)
$10 walk-in fee pays the model.
Drop in for an hour or three!
Bring your own supplies…
with questions, or join us on Facebook.

Drawing is a lifetime practice!



The Community Center is wheelchair accessible.



Neighborhood Meet n’ Greet – Thurs, June 15 Thu, 01 Jun 2017 15:20:50 +0000
6 to 8pm at the NL Community Center,
3rd & Fairmount

Share food, beer and wine with neighbors, and meet the new NLNA Board of Directors.

Come hang out as guest of the NLNA

RSVP not required, but why not check in at the event’s Facebook page? See you there!

NLArts Faculty 10th Anniversary Art Exhibit – Fri, May 5 Wed, 03 May 2017 16:51:38 +0000

Join NLArts in celebrating their awesome teaching artists!

10th Anniversary Faculty Exhibition
Opening Reception

Friday May 5, 2017 5-7 PM

Two locations:
Northern Liberties Community Center & 700 N. Third Street and
Higher Grounds Coffee 631 North Third Street (Philly 19123)

May 5, 2017 from 5 to 7pm

13 Artists!

Pat Aluiso,Lily Brown, Rae Burns, Claudia Bokulich, Max Budnick, Mathew Carrieri,
Briget Folick, Jared Gruenwald, Mike Storm, Katrina Mansfield, Mackenzie McAlpin,
Natasha Mell-Taylor, and Steve Teare.

NLArts: Sculpting Magical Miniature Animal Worlds – Second Friday April 14th Mon, 27 Mar 2017 22:30:14 +0000

6:00 to 8:30pm
NoLibs Community Center
700 North 3rd Street

$25 Per Child (w/ sibling discounts)
Pizza and Snacks Included

Artist Mackenzie McAlpin
is going to take you on an
exploration of magical
miniature sculpture. 

We will fire these while at the workshop and add tiny touches
when they have cooled.

Create your pet, your favorite animal or a mythical beast, and the tiny world they live in!

And, Egg Decorating and Egg Blowing!

Get here on time!!

Register by emailing with the subject line: Miniature Sculpture! 

Space is Limited!

Here’s a link to the artist:

Town Watch Patrol Sign-up and Police Q&A – Notes from the Fall 2017 Meeting Mon, 03 Oct 2016 04:50:06 +0000

On Monday, October 10 a small group of neighbors signed up to patrol the neighborhood.

The 26th District’s Sergeant John Massi (215-686-3260 and 6th District’s Crime Prevention Officer Lori Jackson (215-686-3063 addressed the group. Together they answered questions and talked about the realities of crime in our neighborhood. Here are the highlights:

The Problem:

Philadelphia is the Heroin Capital of the U.S. This is not by accident. Opium addicts are attracted to Philly by carefully marketed, purified heroin. Law enforcement has made a large dent into the illegal trafficking of opiate pills. So, addicts turn to heroin. Once they are exposed to Philly heroin, they stick around for more.

The methadone clinics in the area attract 700 to 1000 addicts a day. Some, stick with the program and get clean. The rest wander the neighborhood for more drugs to re-create a heroin high.

Under the current administration, rock-solid evidence is necessary to charge and prosecute criminals. Your 911 calls, camera footage, and facebook posts can help police collect this evidence. (Please call 911 and report the crime before posting footage. Also alert your precinct about your post for additional guidance.)

The Criminals:

So it turns out that junkies commit most crimes in our neighborhood in order to get their next bag of drugs. All they need is just five to fifteen dollars. These are desperate people who are not acting rationally, and will troll for unlocked car doors, unlocked windows and doors to your house, poorly secured bikes, and anything else they can grab and sell quickly.

The Cops:

Police staffing is dwindling. Not only is recruitment down, but our district cops are pulled away to police parking lots during Eagles games, or to Manayunk* when there’s trouble with drunken bar patrons. Also, due to a national trend in cop killing, police are mandated to respond to calls in pairs, which also depletes available staffing.

*The NLNA has asked Congressman Bob Brady to speak to Mayor Kenny about this particular practice.

The Target:

The ascending affluence of Northern Liberties is drawing more and more junkies to break into our cars and homes to grab laptops, purses, backpacks, electronics, and bikes. These items are then quickly sold on the street, and the junkie gets their next fix.

The saturation of development in our neighborhood and Fishtown provides lots of construction sites where junkies can grab tools and scrap metal for quick re-sale.

The Filmore and surrounding venues, SugarHouse Casino, and our area’s huge selection of bars and restaurants draw thousands of unsuspecting patrons who park their cars, only to find their windows smashed, their car ransacked for as little as a cup holder of change.

Meanwhile, 991 calls from Northern Liberties are the lowest for both districts.

The Crimes:

Trash Cans – are stolen only to be resold for a few dollars to buy another hit of drugs. They’re also used to tote stolen goods. Police are asking residents to not only inscribe their address on the outside of the bin, but inside as well. This information can help police figure out where the perpetrator has been, and piece together crimes they have committed. Call 911 if your trash can gets stolen.

Thefts from Cars – Whether your car is locked or not; whether your laptop or purse is visible or not; your car may be the target of a desperate junkie. They will take anything they can, including small change in order to get their next fix. They will also watch as you “secure” your stuff in the trunk after you’ve parked. If you’re spotted doing this, you can be assured that your trunk will be empty when you return.

If you do not securely lock your glove box, it will be ransacked. Do not leave your registration and insurance card in the glove box. If your stolen car is pulled over for running a stop sign, the thief can show these documents to police and get away with just a ticket.

Call 911 if your car appears to be ransacked – even if it had been left unlocked.

Report street lights that are not working to both 911 and 311. Dark streets are prime areas for all crime.

Burglaries – Junkies are brazen enough to break into your home day or night, whether you’re there sleeping or not. Criminals prefer to break into your house through the back, especially at night. They will look for open or unlocked windows and doors. Your front or back door can be pried open if it’s not locked with a deadbolt. If they break in through your garage, they will enter your home through the interior connecting door. These doors are typically left unlocked, and criminals know it.

If your doors have glass panes, these will be smashed to gain entry. Police urge the use of double-keyed locks in these instances. (Do not leave the interior key in the lock, but rather keep it nearby and out of sight.)

Close your blinds or curtains at night. Thieves will “window shop” to see which homes are worth breaking into.

Alarm systems (when used properly) are best deterrent for break-ins when you are not at home. Be sure you use you alarm every time you leave the house. Be sure you know all of your passwords if the alarm is tripped. This includes the password that lets the alarm company know you are the victim of a home invasion. Also, you alarm company needs to know your cellphone number so that you can be located in the event of a break in. Make sure all of this information is up to date with your alarm company.

Cameras** are an important tool for catching and charging criminals. If you have cameras, be sure to:

  • Register your camera with the the SafeCam Program. This gives police a way to contact you if your camera may have recorded a crime. (The police do not have direct access to your camera through this program)
  • Provide a light source for your camera. Otherwise, images will not be detailed enough for police to use.
  • Learn how to operate your camera system. If you can help police collect the footage from your camera, you will decrease the time spent by police trying to figure it out.

**Businesses can get a %50 percent refund from the City for installing cameras. This may include your home if you use it as a business. Click here to check it out.

Thieves also like to operate under the cover of darkness. Police ask that you install “Dusk to Dawn” light bulbs which will automatically turn on and off depending on the time of day. Motion detector lights are less effective since thieves can work around them.

Robberies – Your phone is a prime target for a junkie, especially if you are walking alone at night and have it out. Whether you’re talking or texting, a thief can run past you, grab it, and be on their way. You can decide to chase them, and they can decide to either a) toss the phone into the street, or b) turn and attack.

Walking alone at night whether you’re male or female is a dangerous idea. Desperate junkies, who are not think rationally may attack you regardless of your gender – though solitary females are a primary target. Always be aware of your surroundings whether it’s day or night.

If you choose to jog at night, do not wear earbuds. Anything that distracts your attention from your surroundings is putting you in danger.

Calling 911: Police cannot emphasize enough that you must call 911
if you see ANY suspicious activity.

Too many people “don’t want to bother police” if they see a person checking door handles or looking into windows of homes. These people are most definitely thieves looking for opportunities to steal. Police want you to let them decide how your report fits into a larger crime picture that changes every day.

If you see anything at any time of day or night that doesn’t seem right, please report it to 911, and police will respond. These reports can be used by police to piece together the activities of a suspect that they may already have in custody. With your 911 calls and camera footage, police may have enough evidence to charge people with the crimes they are committing.

CLICK this link to read more about the specifics of how to speak to a 911 operator.

Police will come to your house if requested, but response times are effected by various factors. Here are a couple:

  • The nature of the call. If a crime is in progress or violent with bodily harm, police will respond immediately. If the crime has already happened, the response may take longer.
  • Distribution of personnel. As stated above, staffing is short, police are pulled from our district, and they are required to respond in pairs. Our neighborhood is split in half between the 26th District (north of Poplar) and the 6th District (south of Poplar).

The 26th District covers the area between Lehigh Avenue (north), 10th Street (west), Poplar Street (south), and the Delaware River (east).

The 6th District covers the area between Poplar Street (north), Broad Street (west), Lombard Street (south), and the Delaware River (east).

Such broad areas of coverage present different challenges for both districts, from gun violence in the extreme north to thousands of tourists in the south.

Also, know that the details of your 911 call needs to be sent to the police dispatcher (who  assigns the call’s priority), and then out to the patrolling officer. Time and information about the incident can be lost during these transfers.

One last thing: When asked whether it’s safe to be a witness against criminals who attack our neighborhood, Sergeant Massi said that he has never had Witness Intimidation happen in his long career over the types of crimes we are discussing here. Witness Intimidation is a felony. If this happens, the defendant is in a LOT more trouble than their original crime would have caused.

Please pass this info on to your friends and neighbors who live in Philadelphia.

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Town Watch Patrol Sign-up and Police Q&A – Mon, October 10

7pm at the  Northern Liberties Community Center, 700 N. 3rd Street (3rd & Fairmount)

Based on the high interest shown about the last meeting, we’re having another one!

This time sign-up for active patrols, and speak with both local police districts (6th and 26th).

We are also seeking someone to post weekly reports provided by both districts to the NoLibs Town Watch Facebook page.

Come out and be part of the solution!

Kwanzaa Celebration – Fri, Dec 30 Tue, 13 Dec 2016 18:21:40 +0000

Kwanzaa — A Celebration of Harvest & Community

Join NLArts to learn about the history and
significance of this non-religious holiday
celebrated around the world!

Friday, December 30 from 6:30-8:30

Northern Liberties Community Center (700 N. 3rd Street)

$15 per person / $25 for families

Live entertainment, light appetizers and beverages will be served along with snacks, drinks and craftsfor the kids!

Tickets available at the door

Email Tia Hall at

Dineth Allen at

NLArts Winter Camp 2016 Registration is open! Tue, 13 Dec 2016 18:39:16 +0000 December 27, 28, and 29th 2016


Science, Art, Cooking, and Museums

Please email to register and

click the link below for registration form


Please Pay By December 15, 2016 at

or contact Natasha at 973-868-6675

December 2016 — Zoning Agenda — Mon, Dec 19 Thu, 15 Dec 2016 18:00:51 +0000 Location: Northern Liberties Community Center, 700 N. 3rd Street (3rd & Fairmount)
As always, the meetings are public and all are welcome to attend and participate.
Please note 6:30 start time.

Monday, December 19, 2016

(6:30) 978-80 N. Lawrence St. (Pernitsky’s Bar) –RSA5 – Barb Mulckhuyse – To legalize 2 existing apts. and create a third apt. from the first floor bar area.
(7:10 ) 231 W. Widey St. – RSA5 – Brett Madsen – Legalization of a 10’ fence and a requested use for chickens and a chicken coop.
(7:45) 152 W. Laurel St. – RM1 – Dan Addis – A request for a pilot house within 10’ of the property line and a request to elevate the solar panel structure.
Operation Santa – Distribution – Sat, Dec 17 (Volunteers Needed!) Sat, 19 Nov 2016 05:14:15 +0000 9am at the Community Center (700 N. 3rd Street)

Volunteers Needed to package meals and presents!

Please Contact Janet at and let her know you’re coming to help.


NLNA thanks the Penn Treaty Special Services District for support of the 2015 Operation Santa program Find out more about grant opportunities from the PTSSD at
Operation Santa – Thur, Dec 15 & Sat, Dec 17 Sat, 19 Nov 2016 04:13:45 +0000 op-santa-toys

Operation Santa –
Northern Liberties’ own toys for tots (and seniors)

Come out and wrap presents —
the more the merrier and the sooner it gets done!

Thursday, December 15th at the Northern Liberties Community Center
(700 N. 3rd)

6:00pm to 8:30pm — Drop in to help wrap holiday gifts* for neighborhood families in need this season.

Always a great time, with lots of cheer, neighbors, drinks for the kids, beer for us
and plenty of pizza!

* Gifts provided by our neighbors to the east, Waterfront Square

op-santa-donOr, help package food and gifts for delivery…

Saturday, December 17th

9am at the Community Center (700 N. 3rd Street)

Please Contact Janet at, and let her know you’re coming to help.


NLNA thanks the Penn Treaty Special Services District for support of the 2016 Operation Santa program Find out more about grant opportunities from the PTSSD at


Zoning Agenda – Mon, Nov 28 & Tue, Nov 29 Sat, 26 Nov 2016 01:33:15 +0000 Zoning Motions are approved by the Board at the following month’s board meeting, which is held the first Monday of the month. To review past zoning meeting minutes and approved motions find the applicable NLNA Board Meeting Minutes by clicking here:  Board Meeting Minutes.

November 2016 — Zoning Agenda

Location: Northern Liberties Community Center, 700 N. 3rd Street (3rd & Fairmount)

As always, the meetings are public and all are welcome to attend and participate. Please note 6:30 start time.

Monday, November 28, 2016

(6:30) 1009 N. Orianna – RSA5 – Carl Primavera – To legalize a parking spot and construct a curb cut.

(7:10 ) 408-10 N. Front St. – RM1 – Michael Mattioni – A proposal for an 8 unit residential building (height/open space refusal)

(7:45) 500-08 N. 2nd St. – CMX3 – James Pearl – A proposal for mechanical access parking – 45 spaces

Tuesday November 29, 2016

(6:30) 938 New Market St. – RM1 – Chadwick Smith – A proposal for a first floor retail use (juice bar) as part of a multi-residential building.

(7:10) 413 Poplar St. – RSA5 – Wayne Iverson – A proposal for a two story addition, deck and parking.

(7:45) 700 N. 3rd St. (NLNA Community Center) – CMX1 – Ira Upin – A proposal to extend current uses to outside area.

NLNA 40th Anniversary and Community Center Groundbreaking – Tuesday, Oct 18 Mon, 26 Sep 2016 05:00:49 +0000

Thanks to one and all for coming out to make this event
a special night!

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NLNA 40th Anniversary and Community Center Groundbreaking
Tuesday, October 18, 2016

third-street-view-final5:30-8:00pm — 700 N. 3rd Street (3rd & Fairmount)
Don’t miss this unique event, with neighbors and special guests from the 40-year history of the NLNA. Celebrate with City Councilmen and officials, food and drink!
Also, participate in the groundbreaking of a great new outdoor community event space in the yard of the Northern Liberties Community Center!
See initial renderings and info by clicking here!
Don’t miss this once-in-a-generation event!

NLArts Kids Columbus Day Camp – Wednesday, Oct 12th Mon, 03 Oct 2016 04:00:43 +0000 nlarts-camp-icon


Need Creative Child Care?
Sign up now…



  • $45 per child
  • Snack included
  • Art classes and field trips
  • Ages 5-12
Please email to for more info and register.
Natasha Mell-Taylor
NLArts Community Arts Program

NLArts – Fall First Friday Kids’ Workshop – Oct 7 Mon, 03 Oct 2016 05:00:28 +0000
Northern Liberties Community Center, 3rd & Faimount Streets from 6-8:30pm

Join us for our first First Friday of the school year!

Your kids can have a night exploring Fall Art projects while you explore the neighborhood.
A perfect date night!
Pizza and Snacks included
$25 – sibling discounts for families with more than one child!
Register by emailing
Natasha Mell-Taylor
NLArts Community Arts Program Director

September 2016 – Zoning Agenda – Mon, Sept 26 Sat, 27 Aug 2016 08:00:56 +0000 Zoning Motions are approved by the Board at the following month’s board meeting, which is held the first Monday of the month. To review past zoning meeting minutes and approved motions find the applicable NLNA Board Meeting Minutes by clicking here:  Board Meeting Minutes.

Location: Northern Liberties Community Center, 700 N. 3rd Street
(3rd & Fairmount)

As always, the meetings are public and all are welcome to attend and participate. Please note 6:30 start time.

Monday, September 26, 2016

(6:30) 928-32 N. 4th St. – RSA5 – Kay Myers – A proposal to legalize a duplex in a single family zone.

(7:00) 706 N. 5th St. – RSA5 – Oris Thomas – A proposal to change a 3 unit building into a 4 unit building.

(7:30) 215 W. Wildey St. – CMX2.5 – Kevin O’Neil – A return visit with a proposal for a single family dwelling.

(8:00) 1015-17 N. American St. – CMX2.5 – David Killian – A proposal to add a 4th floor and 2 units to an existing 5 unit building.

(8:30) 1143 N. 3rd St. – IRMX – Herc Grigos – A proposal for a mixed use building with 26 residential units and ground floor industrial use.

(9:15) 309 Callowhill (3rd- 4th) – CMX3 – Brett Feldman – A CDR (Civic Design Review) presentation (needs no zoning approvals). Multi-residential and commercial development.

NLNA Awarded $178K Grant by Penn Treaty for Community Center Renovation Sat, 31 Oct 2015 06:00:51 +0000 PTSSD check presentation - 2-2016
The Northern Liberties Neighbors Association has received the largest grant in its 40-year history. This month the Penn Treaty Special Services District (PTSSD) announced that it was awarding NLNA $178,000 for capital improvements to the neighborhood community center located on N 3rd St. and Fairmount Avenue.
According to NLNA Board President Matt Ruben, the PTSSD grant will enable the NLNA to “create a safe, inviting, economically sustainable community center that will serve as a model for the neighborhood and the city. We will enhance the attractiveness, quality and flexibility of our indoor and outdoor spaces to ensure the long-term safety and functionality of the building and grounds.”
Rick Angeli, chairman of the Penn Treaty Special Services District said, “The grant for the expansion and repair of the NLNA Community Center will be a huge benefit to the Northern Liberties community for years to come. The PTSSD board was extremely impressed with the overall plan as presented.”
The Penn Treaty grant will be awarded in two phases — $100,000 immediately and $78,000 later this year — and will enable the NLNA to achieve four main objectives:
  • Create a Model Outdoor Gathering Space – With design expertise donated by Northern Liberties-based architecture firm Kieran Timberlake, the NLNA’s 4,000 square foot yard will be transformed into an environmentally friendly outdoor space featuring new landscaping, permeable surfaces and a striking permanent pavilion; with these improvements we will significantly increase our capacity to host community educational, recreational and social activities and events.
  • Open New Indoor Space to the Community – The community center basement will be renovated to create separate meeting/event and storage spaces; a new bathroom will be added along with improved lighting, ventilation and food storage. Taken together, these improvements will nearly double our indoor activity and event space.
  • Improve and Enhance Existing Indoor Space – The main meeting/event space on the first floor will be refurbished to improve capacity and usability; worn and wrong-sized furnishings will be replaced and needed repairs to the walls and window seats will be made.
  • Secure the Building’s Future by Completing Exterior Repairs – Damaged and missing bricks, sills and lintels will be repaired or replaced as necessary, as will loose mortar, worn caulking and cracked stucco.
The NLNA’s grant proposal was put together by a team of volunteers from the neighborhood. Work has already begun on the building’s interior and the entire project is expected to be completed within one year.


NLArts Winter Camp – Dec. 28, 29, 30 Wed, 28 Oct 2015 06:00:44 +0000 Art MusemPlease join us for Winter Camp 2015
December 28, 29, and 30th
 Art activities, field trips and more!
 Email with your child’s name, age, and parent contact information to register.
 $35 for one day $60 for two days and $80 for all three camp days
Sign up early so we can plan the best camp possible!!!
Happy Holidays!
 Please contact 973-868-6675 with any questions
 Natasha Mell-Taylor
NLArts Community Arts Program
DECEMBER 2015 — Zoning Agenda — Mon, Dec 21 Sun, 11 Oct 2015 09:00:06 +0000 Zoning Motions are approved by the Board at the following month’s board meeting, which is held the first Monday of the month. To review past zoning meeting minutes and approved motions find the applicable NLNA Board Meeting Minutes by clicking here:
Board Meeting Minutes.

DECEMBER 2015 — Zoning Agenda

Location: Northern Liberties Community Center, 700 N. 3rd Street
(3rd & Fairmount)
As always, the meetings are public and all are welcome to attend and participate.

Monday, December 21

(6:30) 958 N. 2nd St. – CMX2.5 – Mahmoud Chaabane – A proposal for restaurant/fast food service.

(7:15) 807 N. 2nd St. – CMX2.5 – Gregory Schaub – A proposal for a juice bar/café. Less than 20 seats.