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Donating paper is an easy and effective way
to help a public school, and it frees up the school’s limited budget
for other priorities. 

Kearny Friends is the community support group for our great K-8 school
at 6th & Fairmount, and they’re running their annual paper drive!

Donate online at 
or drop off letter-size paper directly at the NL Mailbox Store at 702 N 2nd St.

Thank You!!!


Orkney Park Benefit Brunch At Standard Tap – Sat, Sept 23 Mon, 18 Sep 2017 17:43:20 +0000 11am- 3pm at  901 n 2nd st, Phila, Pa 19123

Friends of Orkney Park LLC has partnered with our generous friends at the Standard Tap to host a fundraising brunch. 20% of all food sales will benefit ongoing initiatives for Orkney Park!

Your going out for Brunch anyway, avoid the wait at that other place! Instead, meet your friends at Standard Tap!


​Don’t miss the fun! ​We’ll all be there, ​​and the food
is delcious!

To get involved, please contact us:
Sara Hirschler, Tony Hochstetler, Donald Phillips
Janet Finegar,  Liz Long-Reed, Leslie Kaufman
Danielle Scheffey, Lisa Solis,
267.250.5084 (Donald)

Ceramics Classes Return to Northern Liberties Rec Center Wed, 20 Sep 2017 14:48:41 +0000 3 Kilns

Tuesday Nights at 321 Fairmount Avenue (Rec Center) from 6:30 to 9pm starting Sept 26.

Explore the craft of ceramics with Natalie Wieters!

Bring your own ideas, or figure out projects during the class. Natalie provides the guidance necessary for each project.

The class is 10 weeks, and the fee is $200 which includes ALL supplies and kiln firings!

 All levels, all aspects of hand-building.

Info/sign up: or 215-686-1785.

Roadmap for reducing litter & waste by up to 90% over the next 15 years… Fri, 11 Aug 2017 00:53:59 +0000 A Litter Free City Starts With You.

From the Mayor…

When I took office, I pledged my commitment to make Philadelphia a more beautiful place to live, work, and visit. The plan you hold outlines specific strategies to achieve that goal by ensuring that every neighborhood has litter-free parks, streets, waterways, and public places.

Why Zero Waste? Each year Philadelphia disposes of nearly 1.5 million tons of residential and commercial waste – one ton for every resident. As a city, we spend tens of millions of dollars each year cleaning up short dumping and litter. Although we collectively recycle almost 40 percent of combined residential and commercial waste, we have much work to do to compete with the sustainable cities of the 21st century. If we are to become a greener, more beautiful city, we must dispose of less trash, recycle and reuse more, and embrace new approaches to keeping our shared spaces clean.

The Zero Waste and Litter Executive Order commits Philadelphia to the progressive sustainability goal of Zero Waste by 2035. In doing so, we join other major U.S. cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, and Atlanta, to name just a few. The Order also promotes the use of data-driven practices and rigorous research to identify the most effective ways to tackle these challenges.

But to get there, it will take teamwork. The Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet will coordinate across City departments, partner public agencies, and community and private sector stakeholders to collectively address the litter problem. I hope this report will energize concerned residents like you to join in this effort.

Because Zero starts with One – You.

Read more here…

Ongoing – Rec Center Events Tue, 30 Aug 2016 06:00:43 +0000
rec-center-kidsNorthern Liberties Rec Center
321 Fairmount Street 19123
Free Improv and many other activities are happening at our neighborhood recreation center at 321 Fairmount Ave. Numerous great activities for kids and adults.
Check out their Facebook page for the latest
Recycle Bins With Lids Available at the Community Center – Suspended Until Yard Construction Project Is Completed Thu, 15 Sep 2016 04:00:52 +0000 Recycle Bin w Lid

We’ll let you know when we have more bins as soon as we get them…

The City no longer offers free recycle bins through the NoLibs Community Center.

The small bins formerly provided by The City are just too small. Wind-blown litter from these over-stuffed containers can be seen around the neighborhood after trash pickup most weeks.

So we asked Home Depot to help us out — and they did!

The NLNA has purchased another 100 at-cost bins with lids to distribute to the neighborhood.

They’re BIGGER, BETTER and have A LID! Stop in the Community Center (700 N 3rd St), and pick one up for a $15 donation.
Hours are Mon – Fri 10am to 1pm and Wed 6 to 9pm — NLNA Community Center, 700 N. 3rd Street

Using these containers makes a difference in the amount of litter in the neighborhood.

To offset the costs and allow for the program to be self-sustaining, the NLNA asks for a small donation of $15 per bin.

What Goes in your Recycle Bin?

Recyclables needs to be rinsed free of food residue. This is because the oily residues in food interfere with the sorting machines used to separate the items.

The following is a list of acceptable material:

  • Paper — newspaper, cardboard, junk-mail, circulars, stapled or not, pizza box halves (tear away the oily half of the box)
  • Plastic (Nos. 1 through 7 *) — Rinsed milk cartons, juice containers, cleaning supply containers, lids
  • Metal — Rinsed cans, clean aluminum foil
  • Glass — Rinsed containers of any color
  • Rinsed Waxed Containers —  milk cartons, juice boxes
  • Old Cans of Acrylic Paint — Allow the paint to dry completely first.

Plastics are graded by number which can be found embossed on its bottom surface. The number is set inside the universal recycle symbol.  Plastics 1-7 can be recycled.


plastic bags


What Does Not Go In Curbside Pick-Up?

  • Plastic Bags
  • Household Hazardous Waste — like old paint cans
  • Styrofoam
  • Waxed Paper or Cups
  • Wet or food-soiled paper
  • Paper Tissues, Towels, or Napkins
  • Porcelain & Non-Container Glass
  • Light Bulbs or Tapes (VHS or Audio)
  • Electronics
  • Needles or Syringes

How do I recycle plastic bags?

  • You can bring your bags back to many area supermarkets. But a better solution is not use plastic bags in the first place – use reusable bags instead.

How do I recycle household hazardous waste?

How do I recycle Styrofoam?

  • Styrofoam is collected along with household hazardous waste.
  • Click HERE for city-wide collection schedules.
  • Styrofoam Peanuts can be recycled at the Northern Liberties Mailbox Store
    at 3rd & Fairmount.


Free Bins (Sometimes) Available at these locations (CALL FIRST!):

Northwest Drop-Off Center
Domino Lane & Umbria Street
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Phone: 215-685-2501, ext. 02

Northeast Drop-Off Center
State Road & Ashburner Street
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Phone: 215-685-8072, ext. 73

Southwest Drop-Off Center
3033 South 63rd Street (near Passyunk Avenue)
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Phone: 215-685-4290, ext. 01

Circular Free Stickers Available at the Community Center

If you want to cut down on litter created by all those rain-soaked circulars you see lying around, click on the No Circular sticker below…

No Circular sticker OL


Notes from the Quality of Life Meeting (2/21/17) Thu, 23 Feb 2017 15:00:48 +0000 By Janet Finegar — February 21, 2017

We began by making a list of as many problems/sources of trash on the street as possible. [This list, with a lot of more details about all of the below, will be sent to everyone who attended the meeting or expressed an interest in getting information, and will also be posted on Facebook as a document sometime later today. If you’re interested in getting more information, send a message to Lara at]

The list of problems inevitably led to some suggestions of small-scale solutions. We quickly reviewed the various actions that the City of Philadelphia and the NLNA are already taking to combat trash on the street and discussed some of the difficulties, limitations, and roadblocks to those efforts.

There was a general agreement to the assertion that our community needs to take local action in addition to what’s already in place to make a real difference. A few ideas were floated as ways that community members can help with a variety of skills:

  • EVERYONE: use the City’s 311 reporting system for problems, and then tell Lara about the report and ticket number so she can track and follow up ( 311 can help with all kinds of issues – even things like repeat-offender neighbors putting out trash wrong.
  • ANYONE: join the Quality Of Life committee to keep helping with ongoing issues (especially with city-based issues like getting more/better street trash cans or to build resources/connections within the neighborhood). Let Lara know at that you want to be a part!
  • GRAPHICS SKILLS: help create fliers/brochures/signs/education for the community
  • ANYONE: Start hyper-local organizing on your own block – reach out to neighbors to solve problems right there, organize a block cleanup for the citywide clean up day (4/8) or any other day (NLNA has tools/resources), start a Facebook group/listserv for your block, and keep the NLNA in the loop about what you’re doing.
  • DATA SKILLS: Help create a database for Northern Liberties that could record all kinds of block-by-block information (street can locations, problem areas, vacant lots, street trees, parking issues. . . everything)
    1. Once that database exists, many volunteers needed to do data input for their own block
    2. Plus ongoing maintenance of the database once it exists
  • SOCIAL SKILLS: Help develop, plan, and implement a community-wide direct outreach program to reach every door in the community with Quality of Life information, NLNA information, and a small gift.

That’s the very broad outline. I’m about to work on the detailed description of all this, but the main point is that what we need most of all right now is community commitment to enforcing a set of standards that we all live by – effective complaining, if you will.

A lot of questions and a lot of thornier issues remain – many of them centered around what to do when these kinds of friendly outreach don’t work. Those are the conversations going forward and are things for us all to think about. Many many more ideas are welcome!

SAVE THE DATE – Special Liberty Lands Improvements Meeting – Tues, Sept 12 (Attention Metalwork Artists!) Fri, 01 Sep 2017 16:55:03 +0000 7pm at the Northern Liberties Community Center (3rd & Fairmount)

The NLNA has secured a grant to improve Liberty Lands Park!

Join us at this special general meeting to find out what this includes and how to get involved.

Garden Fence Construction Includes Funding
for Metal Fabricators!

The Liberty Lands committee is excited to announce that we’ve received funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society for a major improvement to the park and the community. With the funding, we’ll be able to replace the existing community garden fence with a stronger and more beautiful fence AND install a pedestrian sidewalk to the Bodine Street side of the park.

This is a community project for our community park! Details about the funded proposal are below, but let’s start with what you can do.

  • Are you a metalwork artist? We’re looking for 10 unique panels that are both artistic and functional to be the focus points of the new fence and need proposals for these as soon as possible!
  • Are you a lover of the park who’d like to help choose from the proposed fence panels, and/or be part of the planning and installing process?
  • Are you a neighbor who wants to give feedback about the new sidewalk on Bodine?

The Project:

FENCE: The existing post-and-rail fence will be replaced with a metal fence that includes a base of at least 20 standard panels in the “Tacony” style (a basic black metal 5′ fence of vertical rails, similar to the one at Orianna Hill Park). These will alternate with up to 20 artist-designed panels that will make the fence unique and appropriate to the Liberty Lands aesthetic. Requirements for the proposed artistic panels will include that they are not easily climbed and do not pose a hazard to the public with sharp points or unsafe materials. Artists will be compensated with honoraria for their design and build of the panels. Designs will be selected by a committee of interested neighbors over the winter of 2017-8. Installation of the fence is made possible by funding from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and will occur in spring 2019.

SIDEWALK: The existing post-and-rail fence stands inside the eastern border of Liberty Lands with a wide strip of shrubs and planters between the community garden and the area where cars are commonly parked along Bodine Street. This project will remove those shrubs and planters in favor of a poured cement sidewalk that will allow pedestrians to walk around the entire park safely and provide a clear curbline for cars parking on the street. The poorly maintained greenery of this edge of the park will be replaced by the “frame” of a sidewalk, the artistic new fence, and a view into the beauty of the community gardens.


The Liberty Lands committee of NLNA seeks proposals for up to 20 unique metal fence panels, to be designed and built by the artists, for its community garden fence. An honorarium of $2,500 per panel is offered to selected panels: this honorarium is intended to cover the costs of materials, fabrication, and the artists’ participation/guidance in installation as well as compensation for the artists’ design.


Each panel must fit in a 10′ long by 5′ high space (defined by the “panel” size of a standard “Tacony” metal fence) and be possible to be installed as a section of that fence.

Each panel must be functional AS a garden fence for a public area. The design should not be easy to climb over nor involve dangerous projecting elements on which people could easily be hurt. Materials should be chosen for durability in a public, outdoor environment and should be safe for children, animals, and garden soil.

Panels must be fully fabricated and ready for installation in the spring of 2019.

Artists are encouraged to develop their own vision(s) within these requirements, and may submit as many different designs as they wish. Panels will be selected by a committee of neighbors with an eye to those which work best with each other and the plain panels that will alternate with them: more than one panel by an individual artist may be selected for installation.


September 12, 2017 — Neighborhood meeting about grant; public opportunity to ask questions about this RFP

October 10, 2017 — Deadline for project proposals

January 9, 2018 — Community charrette/discussion meeting and final selection of panels

January 2019 — Deadline for completion of panel fabrication

Spring 2019 — Installation of fence and artists’ panels

More info: check future emails or contact Janet Finegar at


NLArts Gala Dinner in the Park – Thur, Aug 31 – Get Tickets Now! Mon, 24 Jul 2017 19:21:46 +0000 The culmination of this year’s Dinner Party themed
NLArts Camp aims to bring together families
to meet and break bread.

All are welcome!

Save The Date
Thursday, August 31

6:00 to 8:00pm

$40 Per Family
Get Tickets Now!

(dinner service starts at 6:30pm)

A Dinner Party event inspired by Judy Chicago

NLArts turned 10 this year, and we want to celebrate in a huge way!
Join us August 31st for a community dinner at Liberty Lands.

Your ticket will include photobooth, a full dinner, drinks, and dessert!

Campers will work hard this August to make individual plates, napkins, and silverwear.
NLArts campers will perform and help throughout the night!
Make new friends, look at some art, and maybe even take some home!

$40 per family Get your tickets here!
All proceeds will go to NLArts campers and programming!

Schedule of Events

5:30 to 6:00 Check in, have a drink and view our auction!

6:00 – Performance

6:30 – Dinner

7:00 to 8:30 Tutorials by Humane Society, Photobooth, Drinks, and Auction!

7:30 – Dessert

8:30 – Closing Remarks



2nd Street Festival – This Sunday! – Aug 6th Wed, 12 Jul 2017 17:00:16 +0000 The 9th Annual 2nd Street Festival
is Sunday
, August 6th 2017 from
noon till 10 p.m.

We’re closing off North 2nd between Germantown and Green Streets, here in Northern Liberties and filling the entire street with beer gardens, workshops, art, food,  and other merchandise vendors. Find out more HERE.

Be sure to support the NLNA by visiting our tent and procuring a refreshing Yards Brew or five!

Or… volunteer to help out in exchange for
NLNA Beverage Tickets!

We need help with traffic during festival set-up. We also need help setting up,
staffing and breaking down the NLNA tent. Sign up HERE!


Zoning Meeting – Mon, June 26 [UPDATED] Tue, 20 Jun 2017 16:52:28 +0000 Zoning Motions are approved by the Board at the following month’s board meeting, which is held the first Monday of the month. To review past zoning meeting minutes and approved motions find the applicable NLNA Board Meeting Minutes by clicking here:  Board Meeting Minutes.

Location: Northern Liberties Community Center, 700 N. 3rd Street (3rd & Fairmount)
As always, the meetings are public and all are welcome to attend and participate.
Please note 6:30 start time.

Monday, June 26, 2017

(6:30) 1013 N. Leithgow St. – RSA5 – Roger Perry – A proposal for a two family dwelling.

(7:15) 138-46 W. Wildey St. – RSA5 – Max Silver – A return visit with a proposal for 8 townhomes.

(7:45) 1050 N. Hancock St. – CMX3 – Creep Records – A proposal for live music, dj’s, art shows, retail sales of t-shirts max, 150 people, as part of an existing record store and pipes shop.

(8:15) 1114 N. Galloway St. – RSA5 – David Orphanides – To sever the pre-approved use of the lot as a two parking open air parking spaces for 1128 & 1130 N. Galloway St.

(8:45) 719 N. 5th St. – RSA5 – Michael Philips – A return visit with a proposal for a 6 unit mutli-family building.


Orkney Park Summer Solstice Fundraiser – Wed, June 21 Sat, 17 Jun 2017 17:37:08 +0000 Help rescue
Northern Liberties’
last unsecured
green space!
6pm at 871 Orkney Street
(Enter at the Lawrence Street Playground next to 852 N Lawrence Street)
Rain Date: June 28th
Join us for a lovely evening with neighbors and friends in support
of the Orkney Park Project and to celebrate the first day of summer!
Enjoy live music, delicious refreshments and appetizers generously donated
and sponsored by local restaurants, bars and businesses
RSVP not required but appreciated: email
or check in via our Facebook Page for the event.
$20-40 suggested donation.
Kids and dogs attend for free.
Additional donations are very welcome!
Get your tickets in advance here:
All proceeds benefit Friends of Orkney Park Inc,
a 501(c)(3) dedicated to preserving this last wilderness
of Northern Liberties.

Thanks in advance to:
North Bowl and Oron Daskal
Saint Benjamin Brewing Company
Urban Village Brewing Company
Callahan Ward Companies
ACME Markets
Little Baby’s Ice Cream
Majestic Wine & Spirits USA, LLC.
Vinedrea Wines
N. 3rd Restaurant
The Blind Pig
Moore Brothers Wine Company
Spuntino of Philly
Standard Tap
The Kettle Black

… and more generous businesses being added!
About the Orkney Park Project:
Orkney Park is Northern Liberties’ last true wilderness! The project consists of community members coming together with the common goal of preserving this neighborhood gem. Orkney Park is a wild life habitat, a bird sanctuary, a nature preserve, a gathering place for friends and family, and so much more!
Follow us on Instagram: @orkneyparkproject
Neighborhood Meet n’ Greet – Thurs, June 15 Thu, 01 Jun 2017 15:20:50 +0000
6 to 8pm at the NL Community Center,
3rd & Fairmount

Share food, beer and wine with neighbors, and meet the new NLNA Board of Directors.

Come hang out as guest of the NLNA

RSVP not required, but why not check in at the event’s Facebook page? See you there!

NoLibs Music Festival & Flea Market – Sat, Jun 3 Thu, 11 May 2017 02:07:13 +0000 Liberty Lands Park
(Third & Wildey)
Benefits go to NLNA general fund which supports Clean Streets, the Community Center, and of course
Liberty Lands!
We need a few good men and women
to help with set-up and tear-down
of the stage!
CLICK here to volunteer…
Get a FREE Souvenir Bottomless
Beer Cup for your help!
Thank you!
Flea market 9am until you drop!! (Load-in: get there early!
Fee $20 BYOtable)
Food and Beer Cups
from Noon on…
Music starts at 4…. Lasts till 10

The Line Up:

4:00 – School of Rock

5:00 – The Hoppin’ John Orchestra

6:00 – After Dinner Mints

7:00 – Broken Arrow

8:00 – Michael Simons

9:00 – St. James & The Apostles

Spread the word via our Facebook Event!

Festival info: Donald Phillips
Flea Market info: Kathy Vissar:

Sanctuary City: What Does It Mean? – Wed, May 31 Tue, 30 May 2017 19:12:14 +0000 What is a Sanctuary City?
Why is Philadelphia a Sanctuary City,
and what does it mean for the City’s
relationship with the federal government?

Join us at 7pm at the NL Community Center (3rd & Fairmount) for a discussion with Miriam Enriquez, Director of Philadelphia’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, and Joanna Otero-Cruz, Deputy Managing Director.

Also, cast your vote in the NLNA board election!

Hear from candidates running for Vice President, Secretary, and five at-large NLNA board of directors seats.

Candidate statements and more info at this NLNA web page. See you there!


Call for Adult Ed Volunteers at Lutheran Settlement House Tue, 31 Jan 2017 17:49:12 +0000
Lutheran Settlement House 1
Our good friends at Lutheran Settlement House (1340 Frankford Ave) are seeking volunteer tutors to work with adult learners one-on-one or in small groups on GED prep,
basic math and literacy, and
computer skills.
Prior tutoring or teaching experience helpful but not required. Tutors are provided with materials to use with learners.
Tutors are asked to commit to 3-5 hours/week of tutoring for a minimum of 6 months; hours flexible.
More info/volunteer: or 215-426-8610 ext 1242.

Vote for members of the Northern Liberties Board of Directors – Wed, May 31 Fri, 12 May 2017 20:11:51 +0000 The annual NLNA election will be held at the General Meeting on Wednesday, May 31, at 7:00 PM, at the NLNA Community Center at 3rd & Fairmount Streets. We will be electing Vice President, Secretary and five at-large Board seats. All terms are for two years.

To vote in NLNA elections you must be 18-years-of-age or older, must be a resident of Northern Liberties, or must own or operate a business in Northern Liberties, and you must be registered with the NLNA. If you have voted in the past few years you are still registered; if not you must register. Please bring your driver’s license or other proof of residency such as your utility bill.

Registration will begin at 6:45


* Starred nominees are current sitting members.

Vice-President: (Pick one)

Barb Mulckhuyse:

Hi, my name is Barb Mulckhuyse, maybe better known as Dutch Barb in the neighborhood. I have lived in Northern Liberties since 2004, and have watched the neighborhood grow exponentially over that period of time. I first got involved around 2005 as a long term member of the Zoning Committee, and then served as an at-large Board member from 2006-2008, where I helped develop our very first official budget.

After a 25 year career in Corporate America that had me traveling throughout the US and Europe, I became a realtor 3 years ago. As a realtor I have gotten a unique perspective as to what folks are looking for or attracted to both in a house as well as a neighborhood. As a long term resident of No.Libs I am of course biased about the uniqueness of Northern Liberties and am proud to say, I have recruited quite a few great folks to this neighborhood.

Our neighborhood is unique in so many ways. It’s always been diverse in its make up, in its architecture. And while we are seeing every square inch fill in, we have an opportunity as a neighborhood to integrate the old and the new, and not only preserve but build on our unique identity.

It would be a great honor to be able to fulfill that role as either Vice President in assisting Matt Ruben, our President, in furthering our mission and help grow our organization by doing community outreach, being a visible presence in the neighborhood and a link to the City at large, and/or support the NLNA in any way I can as an At-Large Board member.  As such, I ask you to please vote for me for both slots, as I would be happy to fulfill an at large board seat, if not voted in as VP (which is how our voting process works).

In closing, I am passionate about our neighborhood and at this unique time of complete transformation would love to be able to build bridges between the old and new, and help grow our association to be even more relevant to all that live and work here.

Hope to see you at the May General Membership Meeting!


Michael Coyne:*

I am honored to be nominated for a second term to serve as Vice President of the board. I’ve been actively involved with the NLNA since moving to Northern Liberties with my wife Lori in 2009. In addition to being V.P. of the board, I serve on the Membership, Fundraising and Finance committees.

Looking forward, I see two important administrative / organizational objectives for the association. First, to increase the community’s awareness of the NLNA’s purpose, role, and function in the neighborhood. Second, to find effective ways to engage more people who live here to become actively involved in the association and thereby, the community. We are each other’s greatest resource and based on what I see, our tremendous pool of talent, energy and creativity is underutilized.

Thank you for your consideration.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Coyne

Secretary: (Pick one)

Janet Finegar:*

Hello neighbors! I’ve lived in Northern Liberties since the early 90s — long enough to have seen major changes in our neighborhood, many of which I welcome and have been a part of. I have been part of the Liberty Lands team since the beginning and continue to serve as one of the coordinators for the park and am also on the board of Orianna Hill Park and the new Orkney Park project. I’m also part of the team for the Operation Santa program, the NLNA’s Plant Sale, and the Quality of Life committee. Obviously, preservation of open space and keeping our neighborhood a great place to live are issues of prime importance to me, and I believe that the NLNA has been an essential part of making Northern Liberties great. My husband Jonathan and I run a small company in the neighborhood (North 2nd Street Developers) and our daughter Helen has grown up here. I’ve served on the Board most of the past 25 years and am willing to continue in the role of Secretary of the Board, mostly because no one else ever wants to do it.

Board: (Pick five)

Monika Kreidie:*

My name is Monika Kreidie and I am running for re-election to the Board of the NLNA because I LOVE THIS COMMUNITY!

I believe that Northern Liberties is a true urban mecca, a community that is made up of all sorts of people with different backgrounds, but with the same goal — making our neighborhood the premier place to live in Philadelphia. I was elected 4 years ago to the NLNA Board and feel that I still have things to accomplish such as keeping the NLNA relevant to residence as the neighborhood grows and changes.

As co-chair of the NLNA Operations committee, I want the association to evolve to serve both the new and older residence and remain a vital organization in the community. I hope to be part of the leadership of the neighborhood by being elected for another 2-year board term.

Sara Hirschler:

I am honored to have been nominated for the NLNA Board and welcome the opportunity to further contribute to this thriving neighborhood. Over the last two years of living here, I helped to spearhead the Orkney Park Project, planned and raised funds for the 2015 and 2016 Fall Fests at Liberty Lands and organized events on my block to unite new and long-time neighbors and to clean up our street. Since I moved to Philadelphia fifteen years ago, I have always found Northern Liberties to be an inspiring place because of the creative and visionary spirit of its people. This is demonstrated by its beloved community-created spaces and annual traditions. It’s why my family chose to call this neighborhood home and what inspires me to want to give more of my time and energy into furthering that legacy.

If elected to the NLNA Board of Directors, I will be a voice for neighbors that care about green space, clean and safe streets, and sustaining neighborhood traditions.

I am the Marketing and Membership Manager at the Fairmount Park Conservancy and live on the 900 Block of Leithgow with my husband and young son.

Don Phillips:*

As a long term neighbor of Northern Liberties I have seen a whole lotta changes…. much of that for the good. But there is still work to be done. Quality of life issues change with our population density but they remain a challenge that the NLNA is well suited to fix. Trash, open space greenery, changing governmental priorities, and the engagement our citizens in civic affairs are just of few of those things we need to address. I believe my almost three decades of living here allow me to bring a long sighted perspective to NLNA deliberations. Plus I love this place!

Benjamin Mann:

My name is Benjamin (or Ben) Mann and I am an associate attorney with Fisher Phillips LLP, practicing labor and employment law.  I have been a resident of Philadelphia for the past 6 years, and I purchased a home in Northern Liberties about 2 years ago.  In addition to my legal background, I also have a background in politics, and I am also active in organizations within the Philadelphia athletic community and restaurant community.

I would like to become more involved in Northern Liberties’ neighborhood affairs, and serving on the NLNA Board would be the best way I could utilize my skillset to assist the community.  As a newer resident in the community, I think I could offer a unique point of view to address issues that may exist between longer-tenured residents and newer residents.  Additionally, I have personally been effected by bugaboos such as automobile vandalism, graffiti, litter, misbehaving youths, and construction nuisances  – which I believe are the biggest categories of problems facing our community – and I would like to help develop solutions to those problems if possible.  Thank you!

Michael Coyne:

(also nominated for Vice President – see statement above)

Barb Mulckhuyse:

(also nominated for Vice President – see statement above)

Donald Hoegg:*

I have lived in Philadelphia since 2008, though am a relatively recent transplant to Northern Liberties, where I live with my friend and roommate, Tom, and a puppy, Ava.  Currently a data analyst for the City of Philadelphia, I completed my Masters of Public Administration at the University of Pennsylvania Fels Institute of Government earlier this month, and hope to commit my newfound free time to the NLNA. 

Since first being elected last year, I have served on the finance, operations and quality of life committees and have volunteered at numerous NLNA functions, including 2nd Street Festival, Operation Santa and Winter Fest.  A dedicated urbanist, I plan to become more involved in zoning issues if elected to a second term. 

Outside of the daylight hours, I can often be found spending time with neighbors at The Blind Pig or going on walks with Ava.  I also serve on the board of a Temple University alumni association and volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America.

Barbara Saverino:*

Hello. I am pleased to accept the nomination to serve on the Board for the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association. Since my family moved into the area for my father’s job as pastor at St. Michael’s church, I have had an opportunity to be part of the neighborhood and see the many changes that have taken place.

I served on the NLNA Board from 2006-2012. Working with my fellow board members, we accomplish many things including writing grants, leveraging funds and collaborating with the city, state and other partners to support Liberty Lands, develop the Northern Liberties Community Center property as well as begin the work on the Dough Boy Park (2nd & Spring Garden).  During my time on the board I also focused on fundraising and worked with NLNA to transition the winter party to a community fund raiser and launched the annual appeal.  When I rejoined the board in 2015, I continued the work on the Dough Boy Park – connecting with local partners and neighbors to secure funds. We are moving to the restoration of the missing plaque and bayonet.  

As a NLNA Board member, I look forward to working on solutions to address quality of life issues, supporting our neighborhood and ensuring its vitality and uniqueness continue. Thank you.



Zoning Meeting – Mon, May 22 Fri, 19 May 2017 17:13:59 +0000 Zoning Motions are approved by the Board at the following month’s board meeting, which is held the first Monday of the month. To review past zoning meeting minutes and approved motions find the applicable NLNA Board Meeting Minutes by clicking here:  Board Meeting Minutes.

Location: Northern Liberties Community Center, 700 N. 3rd Street (3rd & Fairmount)
As always, the meetings are public and all are welcome to attend and participate.
Please note 6:30 start time.

Monday, May 22, 2017

(6:30) 928 N. Leithgow St. – RSA5 – Joe Beller – A return visit with a proposal for a single family dwelling – refused for front side garage.

(7:00) 138-46 W. Wildey St. – RSA5 – Max Silver – A return visit with a proposal for 8 townhomes.

(7:20) 832-34 N. Orkney St. – RSA5 – Jonathan Adler – A return visit with a proposal for two single family dwellings.

(7:50) 326 St. John Newman Way – RSA5 – Ted Singer – A proposal for a single famly dwelling with parking.

(8:20) 614 N. Front St. – CMX2 – Zhen Jin – A proposal for a residential building with 27 units, 61’ high, with 17 parking spots.

NLNA Plant Sale – Sat, May 6 (rain or shine) Mon, 10 Apr 2017 18:19:04 +0000 From 9am to 2pm

NOTE: The venue HAS changed back to the Community Center at 3rd and Fairmount.

Flowers, Veggies, and Herbs, oh my!

Plant Sale 3

Fill your flower boxes and re-stock your herbs. Pick out your favorite tomatoes. Annual, Perennial, Sun and Shade Plants. We’ve got them all!


Volunteer for a shift by signing up HERE!

The Annual Plant Sale is Saturday May 6, with prep on Thursday and Friday – May 4th and 5th.

Who wants to play with plants this year? Volunteer to hang out with neighbors while putting together this annual event (that started with a couple of beach chairs and plants on Spring Garden Street!).

Here are the shifts:

May 4th – Thursday 9am to 3pm
Plant Delivery • Organize plants for display • Label plants • Water plants
9am — 11am
11am — 2pm
2pm — 4pm

May 5th – Friday 10am to 2pm
Finalize displays • Finish pricing • Water plants
10am — Noon
Noon — 2pm

May 6th – Saturday  — 7:00am start time
Set-up — Move plants to the street
7am — 9am

9am — 11pm
11am — 2pm

Floor — Welcome Customers • Offer Plant Trays • Explain Pricing • Tidy Yard • Keep Displays Tidy • Water Plants
9am — 11pm
11pm —2pm

Clean up
We aim to be out by 4pm at the latest!
Breakdown tables • clean tables • return tables to Community Center • move & water plants
2pm — 4pm

Click HERE to volunteer for a shift!

Email if you are interested…

Plant Sale 4Plant Sale 2Plant Sale 6

Board of Directors Nominations at NLNA Meeting – Thursday, April 27 Fri, 14 Apr 2017 15:44:45 +0000 Nominations for the NLNA Board of Directors annual election will be taken at the General Meeting on Thursday, April 27th, 7:00 PM, at the Northern Liberties Community Center at 3rd & Fairmount.  The election will take place at the May General Meeting.  We will be nominating Vice President, Secretary and five at-large Board seats.  Those seats are currently held by Michael Coyne, VP; Janet Finegar, Sec; Troy Crichton; Donald Hoegg; Monika Kreidie; Don Phillips and Barbara Saverino.
Nominations will be taken at the meeting on April 27th, but can also be taken in advance on-line!  We will begin taking nominations on Thursday, April 20th.  Send nominations to Paula at, and be sure to put NOMINATIONS in the subject line. Nominees’ names will be announced at the General meeting, more will be taken, and will end at the end of that meeting.
Interested in running? To run for an At-large seat, you need only be at least 18 years of age, and either live in the neighborhood (this includes both owners and renters), or run a business with a physical location in the neighborhood. (To run for VP or Secretary, you also need to have been on the NLNA board for one year, now or in the past.)
Board members are expected to:
  • Attend monthly board of directors meetings on the first Monday of each month
  • Chair or help lead at least one NLNA committee or project/initiative
  • Volunteer for various NLNA fundraisers and events
  • Stay in active contact with other board members via the NLNA board email list
  • Be ambassadors to the neighborhood and generally help solve problems and promote quality of life
  • Participate in overseeing the NLNA’s finances and internal operations
If you would like to run you can ask someone to nominate you, or you can nominate yourself.
In order to vote in NLNA elections you must fulfill the requirements above, plus you must be registered to vote in NLNA elections.  If you have voted in the last few years, you are still registered.  If not, or if you are new to Northern Liberties please bring an ID with your address to any Northern Liberties meeting to register.  You may even register on election night.