The 26th District has experienced an increase in theft of vehicle batteries. The lead core they contain is valued at $8-$15 per battery or 20ct/lb. at scrap yards and other businesses.
Suspects are breaking into the vehicle and opening the hood from the inside, or they are bypassing the hood latch from the outside with various tools. The vehicle battery is then quickly removed and sold at a scrap metal business. 
Hood Lock 2
Jeep Wranglers are being targeted for their easy access to the hood by unlocking the side clamps.
Residents are strongly urged to purchase aftermarket “hood locks” or “battery locks” found at most automotive stores or online. Also, vehicle alarms with motion/vibration sensors can deter these types of thefts.
If you observe an individual carrying a car/truck battery, please call 911 and describe the person to the 911 call taker. Businesses are being asked to voluntarily not purchase batteries for scrap metal at this time.