HELP! On-Going Volunteers Needed!

NLNA Volunteer

Fliering for Zoning Meetings – 1 hour per month (last Friday or Saturday of the month)

Volunteers needed to help notify neighbors about Zoning presentations for properties near their homes. Learn more HERE.

Candy Man or Woman 1 to 2 hours/month

Have you ever noticed the candy machines in businesses around the neighborhood where you can get a mouthful of peanut M&Ms or Skittles? The proceeds of these sweets benefit the NLNA to the tune of about $2,000-ish per year.

We’re looking for someone to replenish machines and collect money once a month
from five neighborhood locations. If you’re interested in volunteering for this position Click HERE.

Volunteer Needed for IT Work for the NLNA

Do you know your way around WordPress? Constant Contacts? Google Docs? The Cloud?

The NLNA is looking for someone to volunteer their time to take on some IT projects for better communications within the organization and with the neighborhood.

If you’d like to help out, please contact Katrina Mansfield at