Help Us Turn Lemons Into Lemonade…

On May 6th our beloved mural by Frank Hyder
and the Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia was destroyed by graffiti.  

This mural was done in 2009  by Frank and his students and since has become a great part of our neighborhood.  Located on the north side of Bell Floor Covering at 1050 North 2nd street in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia, the mural has added to the quality of life in the neighborhood and is a colorful backdrop that has brought a splash of color on even the dreariest of days.  

We have always been grateful for the culture, awareness, education and beauty that this program has brought to our city, so we think it would be awesome to hand a check over to them,  from funds raised by a grateful community to help keep our city beautiful.

Please click here to contribute. Any amount helps.