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See below for Reservation and Potty info…

Liberty Lands is a Neighborhood Park.

Always be considerate of others in your use. In particular:

Control your dog.
  • All dogs must be leashed at Liberty Lands at all times. Period. No exceptions.
  • Pick up your dog’s poop wherever it falls. There is no location in the park where volunteers don’t work or children don’t go, and there is no excuse for allowing those areas
    to be fouled.
Control your humans.
  • The park is full of hazards. Children should be under appropriate adult supervision
    at all times.
  • Be gentle to our plants. Don’t pick the flowers; don’t pull on or break tree limbs; don’t walk into garden beds. Climbing sturdy trees is allowed but we make no guarantee that
    it is safe.
  • Some park facilities are for maintenance use only. Please do not use the hose outlets, electrical outlets, compost bins, or anything marked Authorized Use Only without
    specific permission.
  • No motorized vehicles are allowed at the park.
Control your trash.
  • If you can carry your trash and recyclables out, please do! The park pays for pickup and every bit we don’t have to pay for helps. NEVER put your household trash in park cans or the park trash corral. When you do use the park cans, remember volunteers have to handle it – pour out liquids, tie off bags of dog poop, flatten boxes, and don’t overflow
    the containers.
Control your noise.
  • There are residences on all four sides of Liberty Lands. If your noise is in their houses, you’re too loud. Amplified music – even boom boxes – is forbidden for this reason.
Go home at night.
  • Liberty Lands closes at dusk so that the equipment, the grass, and the surrounding neighbors can all rest for the next day’s activities.
Schedule your party.
  • The primary use of the park is for drop-in enjoyment by neighbors. If your event is planned in advance, make a reservation (see below) to ensure that there will be space for you. Because Liberty Lands receives no city funding for its operations, we ask for a small donation per reserved use to help offset the costs of park maintenance.
Donate to this park.
  • If you are using Liberty Lands for your business purposes (photography, group workouts, daycare), you should really make a donation to the park to help support it! A little goes a long way to keeping this space available to you and your clients.
  • Use the Donate button at the top right of this page. Please find the “memo” link in Paypal and type PARK)
Join the potty club.
  • A locked portapotty is available at the park for those who want regular access to it. The rental and cleaning fees for the potty are paid by the users and the potty kept locked for safety. Potty club membership is $50 per year for the whole family.
Help run your park!

Liberty Lands is wholly owned and maintained by the neighborhood – it is NOT a city park. Please join the group of neighbors who run the park by attending a park steering committee meeting (2nd Tuesday of every month) or workday (9-11 a.m. every Saturday).


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How do I make a reservation for an event at the park?

Thinking about having a party at Liberty Lands? We’ve finally reached the point where you really NEED to make a reservation a few weeks in advance, or there just won’t be room for you. Weekends fill up, and reserved uses always have priority. Here’s what you need to do:

Click Here to check the park calendar and see if your date is free.

Read the Guidelines For Use of Liberty Lands below. These are The Basics.

Click here to read on and download a copy of Private Parties use guidelines.

Click here to read on and download a copy of Business use guidelines.

Fill out the Use Application (see links below) and send it plus any other questions you have to or

You’ll get an email in response in one or two days letting you know how much to donate, any special issues you should know, and that your party is reserved!


Liberty Lands Use Guidelines For Private Parties

The Basics

Every party needs a reservation.

It costs $25 and up for small parties (25 or fewer), plus $1/person if you want potty rental.

Send a check pyable to NLNA (note “Liberty Lands”)  and send it to 700 N. 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Reservations are only for the time and day you specify.

Reserve specific tables or areas with a note at the park itself.

Ask ahead if you want water, electricity, or a specific area of the park.

Bring your own trash bags for the party.

No one has exclusive use of the playground.

You get the park in “as-is” condition.

Obey all park rules. Please have your your guests do the same.

You are liable for your own and your guests’ safety and actions.

Legal, responsible drinking is allowed.

Moonbounces and party equipment are allowed with prior permission.

Live music is allowed. Speakers of any kind are NOT. (Earbuds only!)

No cars, trucks, or motorcycles can go on park grounds.

No off-leash dogs, ever.

No fires.

No slip-and-slides.

Click the calendar to view the Liberty Lands Calendar.

Click here to download Guidelines For Use of Liberty Lands – Private Parties Guidelines

Click here to download Guidelines For Use of Liberty Lands – Business Guidelines

Click here to download Liberty Lands Usage Applications:

PDF Document          Word Document

E-mail for information.



Potty Subscriptions

Thanks for your interest in the potty at Liberty Lands.

The potty is a co-op consists of yearly subscriptions that give people access to the park potty. The money collected pays for the rental and weekly cleanouts.

You can join the “potty club” for $50/family/year by sending your check (POTTY written in the memo field) to:

Northern Liberties Neighbors Association (NLNA)
700 N. 3rd Street
Philadelphis PA 19123

Or, you can use the DONATE button at the top right of this page. Please find the “memo” link in Paypal and type POTTY)

After paying, please let me know that you’ve done so by emailing me at

We’ll email you the code, and an invitation to the google group that gives you the monthly codes. (Please accept this invitation!)

Hope to hear from you soon!

 Weeder’s Club – Going On Now!

Invest in your your park by dropping into Weeders Club! Liberty Lands is owned by the our neighborhood, not the city. So it’s up to neighborhood volunteers to maintain it.

Going on now! Show up, or Contact Jen Gold for details:

About the Liberty Lands Committee

Janet Finegar
Liz Reed
Jen Gold

Park Steering Committee meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month, 8 p.m. at the Community Center. All are welcome.

The Liberty Lands Committee oversees the maintenance, preservation, and improvements to the community park. A small steering committee meets monthly to review all park activities, which typically include: organization of volunteers, planning workdays and cleanups, playground maintenance, community garden maintenance, organization of park events, management of park use, fundraising planning, grant management, legal issues affecting the property, materials and equipment procurement, capital improvements, long-term planning, and management of the roughly $20,000 annual operating budget.

Steering committee members also represent the park at the local and national level as advocates for open space issues. De facto subcommittees manage issues specific to the community garden, the playground, and yearly events such as the music festivals and fall festival. Volunteers are welcomed at all levels of participation from steering committee membership to attendance at workdays.

Click on the video below to learn the history of Liberty Lands Park!

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