Zoning Agenda – Mon, Mar 28

Zoning Motions are approved by the Board at the following month’s board meeting, which is held the first Monday of the month. To review past zoning meeting minutes and approved motions find the applicable NLNA Board Meeting Minutes by clicking here:  Board Meeting Minutes.

MARCH 2016 — Zoning Agenda

Location: Northern Liberties Community Center, 700 N. 3rd Street
(3rd & Fairmount)

As always, the meetings are public and all are welcome to attend and participate. Please note 6:30 start time.

Monday March 28, 2016

(6:30) 936-40 N. Leithgow St.– RSA5 – Nino Cutrufello – A return visit with a proposal to consolidate lots and build three
single-family dwellings.

(7:00) 723 N. 6th St. – ICMX – Herc Grigos – A return visit with a proposal for a multi-unit residential building with indoor parking spots.

(7:30) 721 N. 5th St. – RSA5 – Herc Grigos – A proposal for a multi-family dwelling with 5 units.

(8:00) 962 N. American St. – RSA5 – Gerry Gutierrez – A proposal for a single-family dwelling.

(8:30) 816 N. American St. – IRMX/RSA5 – Shimi Zaken – A proposal for the erection of a single-family dwelling with 2 decks and 2 parking spaces.

(9:00) 124 Pollard St. – RSA5 – Francis Mastromarco – A proposal for a 3 unit bldg with 3 parking spots.