Neighborhood Cleanup Day – April 16


Sick of the litter and trash?

The NLNA’s Community Center
will be open 9am-1pm
on Saturday, April 16
with FREE Gloves and Bags…

Be sure to:

  • Recycle – paper, glass, plastics (1 through 7),
    NO plastic bags!
  • Clean up that piggiest house on the street!
  • Clean your gutters and storm drains, so that storm water can run off efficiently.
  • Please, set bagged trash out on any street corner of 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Streets to make sure the city trucks pick it up.

April 16 is the Mayor’s annual Spring Cleanup – a perfect time to spring-clean your block! The NLNA office at 3rd & Fairmount will be open 9AM-1PM with gloves and bags you can pick up.

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