Neighborhood Tree Planting – Sat, Nov 18

Hello Northern Liberties Tree Tenders and tree planting neighbors,
Please join the Fall Tree Planting, Saturday, November 18!           
We’re planting 12 new street trees in Northern Liberties and need about 15 volunteers.                                               
Rain or shine.
There’s something for everyone to do: 

– Can’t dig? You can cut strings off the trees and help make sure they’re straight.

– High school (with parent written permission) and college students needing community service are welcome!  

If you are receiving a new tree, in addition to your help, we’ll need access to water to help the trees get the
best start.
Meet at 959 N. Leithgow Street at 10:00 am:

– Wear clothes that can get dirty.

– Everything needed to plant will be provided.

– Bring a water bottle.

– After planting, join the planting team for lunch.  

We also need help getting the trees ready on Friday between 4:00 and 6:00 pm.
To participate, please contact Erika: 
Thank you for helping make Northern Liberties greener!  
Erika Waginger-Goldberg
Northern Liberties Tree Tender Coordinator
A society grows great when the old plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit. ~Greek proverb