New City Assessments Starting Feb 15 – See how to find your new assesment on-line…


City Beginning to Release 2014 AVI Values  

Starting February 15, the City is mailing out new property assessments. Your new assessment will be the basis for your property tax bill for next year, 2014.

OPA Property Search 

The information also will be posted online at the web site of the Office of Property Assessment. To see if your new assessment has been posted yet:

1. Click HERE. (A new window should open up to the Office of Property Assessment’s website)

2. Click on “Search for Property.”

3. If a “Terms of Use” page comes up, click “I Accept.”

4. On the next page, enter your address and click “search.”

5. On the “Property Search Results” page, click the “Valuation Details” tab.

6. Look for a 2014 proposed value. If it’s not there, try checking back in a week or so.

How Will Your Tax Bill Change?

Your 2014 assessment probably will be higher – maybe much higher – than your 2013 assessment. But that does not automatically mean your tax bill will go way up, because the tax rate will be going down next year.

We don’t know the new tax rate until the Mayor and City Council set it sometime this spring.

But to get a rough idea of your 2014 tax bill, you can multiply your new assessment by 1.3%. So if your new assessment is $200,000, your 2014 tax bill will probably be somewhere around $2,600 (unless your property has a tax abatement on it).

The actual tax rate could end up being higher or lower, but as of right now, most reports say it will be somewhere in the ballpark of 1.3%.