October Zoning Agendas – Mon, Tue Oct 24, 25

Zoning Motions are approved by the Board at the following month’s board meeting, which is held the first Monday of the month. To review past zoning meeting minutes and approved motions find the applicable NLNA Board Meeting Minutes by clicking here:  Board Meeting Minutes.

October 2016 — Zoning Agenda

Location: Northern Liberties Community Center, 700 N. 3rd Street (3rd & Fairmount)

As always, the meetings are public and all are welcome to attend and participate. Please note 6:30 start time.

Monday, October 24, 2016

(6:30) 928-32 N. 4th St. – RSA5 – Kay Myers – A return visit with a proposal to legalize a duplex in a single family zone.

(7:10) 316R & 318R W. George St. – RSA5 – Roger Perry – A proposal to relocate lot lines and create two single family dwellings.

(7:45) 928 N. Leithgow St. – RSA5 – Ed Fink – A return visit with a proposal for a single family dwelling – refused for front side garage.

(8:15) 1019 Germantown Ave. (Monarch Swim Club) – CMX-2 – Jordan Rushie – Application for a Special Assembly License.

(8:45) 805 N. Hancock St. – CMX-2 – Al Kloda – Patio seating for existing restaurant (Druids Keep)

Tuesday October 25, 2016

(6:30) 221 Fairmount Ave. – RSA5 – Lavi Shenkman – A proposal for a deck at the rear of the house.

(7:10) 1001-13 N. 2nd St (formerly Kings Oak) – CMX-3 – Joe Beller – A proposal for a brew pub. It is refused because it is larger than the allowable 4000sq/ft space.

(7:45) 325 Spring Garden St. – CMX-2 – Michael Mattioni – A proposal for a take-out restaurant – requires a special exception approval.

(8:15) 626 N. Delaware Ave. – CMX-3 – Michael Mattioni – A proposal for the storage of operable vehicles with three curb cuts.