Philadephia Circular-Free Program


No Circular sticker OLProperty owners in Philly that are tired of having take-out menus and ad circulars jammed into their door frames and mailboxes now have a way to stop the problem at the source!

NLNA has purchased Circular-Free Stickers, and is offering them for a donation of $1. Stop by the Community Center (700 N. 3rd Street from 10am and 1pm (6 pm to 9pm on Wednesday nights) to pick one up. There’s a short form that you need to fill out and sign that registers your house with L&I’s commercial handbill Non-Delivery list.

They actually make a difference! Vendors can be fined by L&I if they continue to deliver circulars to your door.

Here is how to to report illegal circular deliveries once you’ve applied a sticker to your door sand registered with the City:

  1. Collect the circulars and send them to the address below.
  2. Please be sure to indicate the date and time you received the material along with your address, on whatever you send. It is also very important that you make sure whatever you send, clearly shows the name and address of the business or phone number.
  3. Please do not hold onto your circulars, flyers, etc. longer than 4 weeks. They will not be processed if they are received after this date.
  4. Regarding coupon bags with store circulars inside – please do not send the contents of the bag – it is only necessary to send the bag itself. If you are able to fax or email a picture of the bag, please be sure to include the portion of the bag where it reads “Redplum”.
  5. If there is additional information you would like to inform the City of related to the delivery of the specific unwanted material, please write a short note and include it with your mailing, email or fax.
Via regular mail:
Department of Licenses and Inspections
Circular Free Property Coordinator
1401 JFK Boulevard, Suite 1180
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Via Fax: 215.686.1443