Pig Iron Theaters Offers Discounts on Tickets & Rental Space to Friends and Families

Pig Iron Theater GVPig Iron Theater is offering a discount code for their current performance of Gentlemen Volunteers.

The show runs from Dec 10- Dec 27 and tickets are $20-$30. This show has been a fan favorite over the years and has garnered more praise and awards than any other show. There is more information on our website about the show.
Use the discount code Neighbors to get $10 off the price of each ticket.
Tickets can be purchased here.
Pig Iron Studio Rental SpaceIn addition to that Pig Iron Theater would like to extend to you the opportunity for you to rent their space at their friends and family discount rate (40% off of the hourly rates).
More information about the studios and their availability can be found here.
We are please to be able to extend this offer
to you through the generous support of the
Penn Treaty Special Services District.