Introducing: Project Clean Streets

PCS DecalWith support of neighborhood businesses,
the NLNA is excited to announce
Project Clean Streets.

The focus of the project is to help alleiviate our
neighborhood litter and trash problems.

This summer, we hired a small crew to sweep designated streets and problem areas once a week. With your support we’d like to grow this service to sweep more streets more frequently.

You can contribute on-line by clicking here:

Or better yet, you can organize a regular block sweeping party! We want to help.

Contact for supplies, trash bags, and special curbside pickup
(for lot cleanups!)

What’s the big deal about clean streets?

It’s about self-respect and pride of place.

Littered streets convey an attitude of neglect. Northern Liberties has become a destination, attracting more visitors and new neighbors alike. The City has no resources for city-wide street cleaning. It’s up to us as a neighborhood to keep our sidewalks and gutters clean.

But, city living has probably made you jaded to trash blowing down the street and your neighbor’s un-retrieved newspapers.

Recycling HarperWeekly sweep-ups with like-minded people can be fun! They leave you with a sense of accomplishment, and your actions will have an immediate impact. And, believe it or not, studies show that people are less likely to litter when streets are clean.

Not tolerating trash teaches kids self- respect.

They learn to see the world in a larger sense than their immediate surroundings, and not to tolerate its abuse.


Visit our new Clean Streets page from our website

Or join our group on Facebook – PROJECT: Clean Streets

Email with questions.

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