Project Clean Streets


PCS DecalWith support of neighborhood businesses,
the NLNA is excited to announce Project Clean Streets.

The focus of the project is to help alleviate our neighborhood litter and trash problems.

For the past few years, the NLNA has employed a small crew to sweep designated streets and problem areas once a week. With your support we’d like to grow this service to sweep more streets more frequently.

You can contribute  to this program directly by clicking Here.


Recycling Harper


Not tolerating trash teaches kids self- respect.

They learn to see the world in a larger sense than their immediate surroundings, and not to tolerate its abuse.



IMG_3044What’s the big deal about clean streets?

It’s about pride of place.

Whether you rent or own in Northern Liberties, you have to look at litter as you walk to and from your home.

The City has no resources for city-wide street cleaning. Littered streets convey an attitude of neglect. It’s up to us as a neighborhood to not let this happen.


Waste WaterIt’s about the WATER you drink.

The City’s present drainage infrastructure carries our household sewage directly to sewage treatment plants.

Increases in heavy rainstorms overload the pipes. Trash in the system makes this problems much worse, causing the overflow of contaminated water to wind up in our rivers and waterways.

person sweeping

Trash Happens.

Has city living has made you oblivious to trash blowing down the street
and jaded about
your neighbor’s un-retrieved newspapers.

Weekly sweep-ups with like-minded people can be fun! They leave you with a sense of accomplishment, and your actions will have an immediate impact. And, believe it or not, studies show that people are less likely to litter when streets are clean.

We want to help. Contact for supplies, trash bags, and special curbside pickup (for lot cleanups!)


Weeding 101 – Weeds LOVE Litter.

PCS TreePits 1


Few things are better at grabbing
and hording trash than Weeds.

Not only do they collect litter
in our Tree Pits, but in our
Gutters, too.

Then, we get to see it
all summer long.

Unless of course, we decide not to.



Adopt a Tree Pit.

Your tree pit, your neighbor’s tree pit,
or a pit in the Park. Do it with with your dog. Do it with your kids. Show them how to see the world in a larger sense, and not to tolerate its abuse.

Mulched tree pitHere’s How…

The idea is to tend a single tree pit. You can choose a
Street Tree or a Liberty Lands Park Tree.

Keep it clear of trash.

overmulched tree pitAdd some chips to keep moisture in. (Don’t drown the tree in chips, tho!) Just add about an inch or so. Avoid having the mulch come in contact with the tree’s trunk.

And weed all around your tree’s drip line —a circle around the trunk that matches the width of your tree’s leaf span.

gutter trashDon’t forget the Gutter! This trash eventually washes down into our drinking water through our Storm Drains.

Go to town or not, but make a commitment and do the best you can!
It will make a difference.

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Brought to you by the Clean & Green Committee of your NLNA.