Property Tax Appeal: Deadline Oct. 7 – Info & Resources for Neighbors


AVI imageProperty Tax appeals are due in to the Board of Revision of Taxes (BRT) by October 7 (postmark deadline).

You Have the Right to Appeal 

You can file a BRT appeal regardless of whether or not you filed a “first level review” request with the Office of Property Assessment (OPA) earlier this year. Ditto if you filed with OPA and haven’t gotten a decision back from them yet.

Forms and Step-by-Step Guide

Appeal forms and information from the BRT can be found by clicking here.

step-by-step citizens’ guide to appealing to the BRT, created by the Crosstown Coalition of Taxpayers, can be found by clicking here (look for the “AVI Appeal Guide”). This will walk you through the process.

Possible Group Legal Discount for Homeowners

A small group of homeowners in another community has connected with an attorney to get a group discount on legal help for appeals to the BRT. (Just to be clear: you do not have to retain an attorney in order to appeal to the BRT.)

The attorney is Stewart Weintraub – who was one of the expert guests here at the NLNA’s property tax appeal clinic last week. For the group discount to be viable, however, they need more people. The cost per resident would be $400.

This particular opportunity is open only to homeowners (owner-residents of single-family houses).

If you are interested, please email us immediately ( – within the next day or two. If we get enough interest, we’ll respond ASAP with further instructions.

The NLNA does not endorse specific businesses or professionals. We are passing this info along to homeowners who might be seeking affordable legal representation.