Property Tax Appeal – More Info and Resources for Neighbors

AVI imageProperty Tax appeals were due in to the Board of Revision of Taxes (BRT) by October 7 (postmark deadline).

You Have the Right to Appeal 

You can file a BRT appeal regardless of whether or not you filed a “first level review” request with the Office of Property Assessment (OPA) earlier this year. Ditto if you filed with OPA and haven’t gotten a decision back from them yet.

Forms and Step-by-Step Guide

Appeal forms and information from the BRT can be found by clicking here.

A step-by-step citizens’ guide to appealing to the BRT, created by the Crosstown Coalition of Taxpayers, can be found by clicking here (look for the “AVI Appeal Guide”). This will walk you through the process.

Some Quick Tips

Check the box requesting an Oral Hearing. You can always withdraw that request later.

If you can’t obtain certain supporting documentation by October 7, send in your appeal form anyway. You have until 20 days before your hearing date to send in additional documentation.

A postmark should be good enough, but consider a trackable mailing method so you can have proof of the send date and proof of delivery.