Property Tax – Major Developments, and Your Action Needed

Property Tax Campaign June 2012

Last week City Council voted to delay the implementation of AVI (the Actual Value Initiative). Opinion in NL is not unanimous, but based on the views of a clear majority of residents we’ve heard from, this is a major victory.

But the Nutter administration is still pushing to undo this arrangement and get AVI implemented immediately, when Council takes its final ratifying vote Thursday.

If you support Council’s action and want them to stay the course, there’s a quick and easy way to let them know:  Click Here

Just fill in your contact info and click Send. The rest is all automatic, so it takes just a minute. What Council’s Action Entails: 

  • AVI delayed a year, until 2014.
  • Homeowners can see new assessments before AVI goes into effect.
  • Council and Mayor can set new tax rate based on hard facts, rather than estimates, about the total value of Philly’s real estate.
  • There will be adequate time for Harrisburg to pass enabling legislation so Philly can implement the new system, provide Homestead Exemptions, and so on.
  • A 3.59% property tax increase for the coming year. For a house valued at $100k, an extra $108 in taxes.
  • An extra $40M for the School District, half from the property tax hike, and half from an increase in the commercial Use & Occupancy Tax.
  • Because AVI, while delayed, will still happen, homeowners should still send in their Homestead Exemption forms.