Man Reported Stalking Females in the Neighborhood

An employee of Poochies Place writes:

All women please be careful. Yesterday [Jan 14, 2014] I was at Front and Girard and apparently followed by a young black male with camoflage pants on and tattoos on his cheeks and face. Today after 55 phone calls from him, he told me he followed me to my job and got the number off of the sign.. he was from Nigeria and he is going to make me his girlfriend. I thought it was someone playing around Until he told me that it was him following me yesterday and told me where he followed me from.I hung up the He then came into my work and came after me telling me he liked me and I was going to be his girlfriend. i started screaming and got him to leave pretending I had a weapon. The neighbors told me that a guy with the same description was walking around last night and when asked what he was doing said “looking for girls” I called the police to make a report..

Its been over an hour and nothing yet. So be careful..please

The writer continues: I didn’t get a name..and he did have an accent. The police made a report and were really helpful..they said they are going to look for him. also said it def sounds like this could be dangerous and if anyone sees him walking around to call them right away.. they said hes probably not from Nigeria because they don’t really put tattoos on their face and act like that.. he’s probably out looking for a victim and using that as a line..

He has camoflage pants on, a short afro, a dark hoodie and tatoos on each cheek and is tall and thin and dark complected

TOWNWATCH SAYS: Call 911 on this guy on sight. The activity above seems to have happened in the 26th District (215-686-3260)

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