Quality of Life

Quality of Life Committee Co-Chairs:
Jesse Gardner   jessejgardner1@gmail.com
Lara Kelly   trash@nlna.org

The NLNA Quality of Life Committee mission is to promote environmentally sustainable and green practices throughout Northern Liberties. Activities include: educating neighbors about sustainable practices, distributing recycling containers, composting workshops, tree planting, seasonal neighborhood clean-ups, and exploring new, expanded recycling opportunities.

All neighbors who care about working to create a more environmentally sustainable community are welcome to participate! New project ideas are welcome too! Contact one of the co-chairs above for more information.

Philly 311Want to resolve a litter or street issue? It’s easy!

Rather than waiting on hold, hang up and download the Philly 311 App. It’s easy to use, and you can send a photo of the problem. Report 311 issues as you see them, and get updates on their progress. Contact Lara at trash@nlna.org with any questions about the App.

Pot hole311 Reporting Tips

  • Provide an address, not an intersection.
    The Streets Department will not respond if you don’t provide a correct street address.
  • If no action is taken, fill out the form below,
    and send the info to Lara, along with the Ticket Number. She will follow up.

What Are 311 Issues?

  • Pot holes
  • Sink holes
  • Downed trees
  • Un-plowed streets
  • Graffiti
  • Vacant houses
  • Open fire hydrants
  • Any city service problems

Dumpster IssueWhat About Litter?

The NLNA cannot resolve all litter issues. But, we will work to help in whatever way we can. You can report the following litter problems to Philly 311:

  • Overstuffed or uncollected multi-unit trash dumpsters or corrals
  • Large amounts of trash left on the curb on days that are not trash day
  • Illegal dumping in lots

Do Not Call 311 for:

  • Your neighbors messy stoop
  • Clogged storm drains
  • The mess left behind after trash and recycling collection

Afterall, we can only do so much. Please take ownership and pride in your surroundings by sweeping up regularly, and tending to your storm drains. You’ll feel good, and the neighborhood will be a better place for it.

The Streets Department does not address littered sidewalks, gutters or storm drains. These issues need to be resolved by residents and businesses. So please do your part!

If you haven’t contacted 311, report the problem to us anyway. We will do it for you!
However, for best results, we recommend you contact 311 first.

CLICK HERE to report issues to the NLNA.

Green Streets Pilot Project

Northern Liberties is one of three Model Neighborhoods for the Philadelphia Water Department’s Green Streets program. This initiative uses “green” tools such as:

  • street trees
  • landscaping
  • vegetative swales (water absorbers)
  • rain barrels

and more… The Goal is to:

  • beautify blocks
  • increase the energy efficiency of homes
  • cut down on utility bills
  • and keep dirty flood waters out of our basements and rivers.

For more info contact Jeanne Waldowski, Public Affairs
(215) 685-4945jeanne.waldowski@phila.gov
or see www.phillywatersheds.org and www.phillyriverinfo.org


For specific information about Recycling click here.

Street and Yard Trees

PHS (Philadelphia Horticultural Society) sponsors free bi-annual street tree plantings through their TreeTenders program.
To volunteer e-mail Erika at bgoldewag@verizon.net.

Neighbors are welcome to come out and help change the landscape of the neighborhood.

Applications for a street tree change from each planting. Check back here to download the form as it becomes available.

Click here to find out more about becoming a Tree Tender.

Abandoned Lot Clean-Up

First, report Philly 311. Get the Ticket Number.
Then CLICK HERE to report the lot to the NLNA.

Graffiti Clean-Up

First, report Philly 311. Get the Ticket Number.
Then CLICK HERE to report the lot to the NLNA.

Lara (trash@nlna.org) will follow up your Philly 311 complaints.

Trash It! Most Unwanted Medicines Belong in the Trash.

The video and an accompanying flyer  can be viewed via the PSR Philadelphia website.  A one-minute version of the video is also available online on the PSR Philadelphia YouTube channel.