Watch Dog Class – Wed, Feb 25 – A Talk About Dog Walking and Town Watch – Sign Up Now…

Wednesday, Feb 25, 2015  / 7pm  /  NLNA Community Center (700 N 3rd St)

Pablo Mateo from the City’s Town Watch Dept
will be conducting training on how to effectively
observe and report criminal activity while out
walking your dog.

Police can’t be everywhere, but when you’re out walking your dog two or three times a day, you’re chances of noticing if something looks wrong are pretty high. Learn how to safely identify criminal activity in progress, and what to do when you see it.
Learn how to note descriptions, and how to help prioritize your 911 call.
The more eyes and hears on the street, the better.
The class will be scheduled Wednesday, February 25, 2015. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in this training.
Thank You!
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