Stop Circular & Handbill Deliveries

Circulars and handbills can be a neighborhood nuisance. It’s illegal for vendors to put them in residents’ mailboxes. So, instead, they get shoehorned into doors and railings, causing litter on our streets.

What You Can Do

The good news is you can sign up to for a non-delivery list to prevent them from being delivered to your door. The Department of Licenses and Inspections maintains a commercial handbill Non-Delivery list identifying all properties whose owners who request it. If you do not want to receive hand-delivered advertising circulars or handbills, you can fill out this form.

To request non-delivery for local newspapers, complete the form, and provide a list of the local newspapers you do not want to receive.

Form Info

How to Submit

First of all, you need to be the homeowner lessee/agent to fill out the form.

Once you fill out the form, you can mail it to:

Department of Licenses and Inspections
Circular Free Property Coordinator
1401 JFK Boulevard, Suite 1180
Philadelphia, PA 19102

You could also fax it to (215) 686-1443 or email it to
(Note: The fax number on the form is wrong. Use the one provided above.)

At the bottom of the form you can choose between two authorization options. According to this site, if you choose not to grant this authorization, the company will only receive a warning. Your authorization to share your address is required in order for the company to be fined. (see yellow highlight in image below.)


Circular Non-Delivery Decal Order Form Philadelphia


Posting Your Decal

Owners of registered properties will receive a “Circular Free Property” decal. When you receive yours, you need to post it somewhere visible from the sidewalk.

Reporting a Violation

View or download instructions here.

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