The 26th District’s Lightbulb Initiative…

Dusk to Dawn Bulbs Available

From Sergeant Massi:

As part of our crime reduction strategy the 26th Police District was awarded a grant from the Penn Treaty Special Services District to purchase LED “dusk to dawn” light bulbs. These bulbs emit a bright white light and turn on during low light conditions. The goal is to provide as many 26th District residents with a bulb for the front of their properties (one per household). 

Well lit areas are not attractive to criminals.

Residents can come to the 26th District Monday – Friday, 9AM – 3PM to obtain one light bulb to install if they have an exterior light on the front of their house.  

All you need to do is leave the light switch on,
and the bulb will activate during low light. 

Residents of the 26th District must bring an ID card or other type of documentation (utility bill, cell phone bill, etc) and provide their name and address for our records.

Officers from the 26th District Community Policing Team will be distributing these bulbs during community events, civic group meetings, high crime areas, victims of crimes and the elderly.  Residents that are elderly / disabled and cannot travel to the district can contact me directly and & I will have one of our officers visit their home and install the bulb.

Thank You 
John Massi
Sergeant #8571 
26th Police District
Philadelphia Police Department
(work) 215-686-3260/61
(cell) 215-327-9156