Fight Blight with Free Solar Light Kit!


Up to $100 worth of lighting for vacant lots

Keep Philadelphia Beautiful (KPB) has launched a “Light Up Your Lots” grant program, supplying communities with solar power light kits for vacant or abandoned lots. Light can be a deterrent to nighttime dumping, and also sends a message that people are watching the area.

If you own or live next to a vacant or abandoned lot, you can contact KPB to see if you qualify for a grant.


  1. Lot must be maintained: low cut vegetation
  2. Lot must get 6-8 hours of sun
  3. Must be a way to secure the lights – staked in-ground or connected to fencing


Send an email and KPB will donate up to $100 in lighting for the lot. Include the following information about the lot:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Maintenance schedule