Updates on Piazza Incident, Finnigan’s Wake, & Property Taxes from June General Membership Meeting


Honeys muralIt was a packed house at last Thursday’s NLNA General Membership Meeting.

Erika Goldberg was elected to fill a vacant board seat.

Ellen Mogell of Honey’s Sit-n-Eat received the NLNA’s Community Service Award.

Updates on issues discussed at the meeting:

Property Taxes. On June 28, City Council voted for final passage of legislation delaying AVI a year, and providing $40M to the School District through a 3.59% property tax increase and an increased business Use & Occupancy Tax.

The AVI delay is due in no small part to the leadership of Councilman Mark Squilla, and to residents of our community joining with others to raise our voices.

Finnigan’s Wake. Neighbors expressed concern and displeasure at Council’s passage, at Councilman Squilla’s behest, of bills legalizing the striking of the 500 block of Bodine St. and large outdoor balconies covering Spring Garden St., for Finnigan’s Wake.

This week, Councilman Squilla visited the NLNA’s Board of Directors meeting, where we reiterated the neighbors’ concerns. He reiterated his statement that Finnigan’s will not construct the balconies unless or until there’s an agreement with the community. He also committed not to put through similar legislation in the future unless a community agreement already is in place.

Finally, many neighbors have approached us asking about a grant from the Penn Treaty Special Services District to Finnigan’s Wake.  (The SSD disperses annual funds from SugarHouse casino, and has generously funded the NLNA’s most recent phase of its Community Center renovation). Our understanding is that the SSD has granted $74,000 to Finnigan’s Wake for work on Bodine Street.

Piazza. Neighbors, including Piazza residents, discussed potential security issues and enhancements, and also discussed other Piazza-related issues, including parking.